Tyumen region adjoins: Kazakhstan in the South, Kurgan region south westwardly, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in the North, and Tomsk and Omsk regions in the East.

According to the State forest registry, forest land size totals 11,4 mln ha (71% of the South of the region's territory). Timberlands occupy 6,9 mln ha (60% of overall territory), where 37% is represented by fine conifers, and 63% - by soft-wooded broadcasting.

Regions with the largest forest cover percent are: Uvatsky (51,4), Nizhnetavdinsky (52,6), Vagaysky  (53,1) and Yurginsky (63,2). Total forest cover percent of Tyumen region is 44,0%.

Soft-wooded broadleaved species, with birch-trees dominating, prevail in the southern forests. A proportion of coniferous plantings increases northwards. Pine is a basic coniferous forest forming species.

Pine forests are spread unevenly. The largest pine wood dominated maturity and overripe stand volume  is concentrated  in Uvatsky, Vagaysky and Tobolsk forestries.

By the reason of Tyumen region's spacial features, the main exploitable volume of soft and hard woods are located in the territory of Western Siberian South taiga plain region (Uvatsky, Tobolsk and Vagaysky forestries).