Policy in land resources administration in the Tyumen region is directed to the formation of the advanced and accessible land and estate property market.

Administration and purview of the regional property is carried out to achieve the following goals:

1) stable socioeconomic development of the Tyumen region;

2) ensuring of authority implementation performed by state regulatory bodies of the Tyumen region.

Tyumen region department of property relations is to be an executive body of state power in the Tyumen region, following a state policy and performing administration in the material and land resources relations.

Administration and land resources purview is performed by:

- assignment of land plots for large-scale investment projects

- assignment of land plots for real estate objects

- conductance an auctions on sale or sales rights of land plots rent for construction

- conclusion of agreements on land plots distribution

- conclusion of agreements on land plot easement setting

- ensuring conductance of land plot state cadastral evaluation, approval of cadastral value determination

- authorization for land and (or) land plot usage

- conclusion of agreements on variable trade objects allocation being in property of the Tyumen region

- assignment of land plots to large families, etc.

State –owned property administration and purview is performed by:

- property ensuring for rent, free use and storage

- implementation of activity on the Tyumen region government property list formation, keeping and publication, provided in hand and (or) use to the entities of small and medium enterprises and business making an infrastructure for small and medium enterprises support

- government property privatization

- participation in administrations, auditing bodies of law persons, shares (lots) of the same belong to the Tyumen region

- work actualization of state customer functions on state cadastral valuation and estate cadastral value determination as well.

Contacts of the authority, which curates the branch