Chief administration on construction of the Tyumen region performs the authority in transport service organization in compliance with the Tyumen region governmental regulation dated 01.06.2009 No. 146-p «On approval of regulation about Chief administration of the Tyumen region construction».

The authority of the Tyumen region Chief administration on construction includes the following:

1) implementation of population transport service organization with air, water, car transport in inter municipal and suburban traffic, and railway in the suburban traffic;

2) authorization of legal body and individual undertakers for implementation of activity on passenger and luggage transport by taxi in the Tyumen region;

3) keeping issued, redesigned, inhibited and recalled (canceled) licences for implementation of passenger and luggage transportation by taxi in the Tyumen region;

4) implementation of regional state control on passenger and luggage transportation by taxi;

5) keeping register of the interregional routes of regular passenger and luggage transportation;

6) implementation of monitoring on approval of public infrastructure system integrated development programs of settlements, urban districts;

7) implementation of authorization handed over by Russian Federation in transport service organization;

Complex plan of population transport service for middle and long-term perspective in suburb passenger transportation in the Tyumen Region was worked out and agreed with The Russian Federation Ministry of Transport.

Transport complex designed to satisfy the region needs in cargo-passenger transportations is represented with all types of transport: motor, railway, air, water and involve all localities. On 2014 results the structure of transportation looks like this: 66% motor (12.84 mil. people), 27% railway (5.2 mil. people), 6% air (1.5 mil. people), 1% water (2 thous people).

The Tyumen region state policy in the development of population transport service is directed to the passenger transportation tariff keeping down. Annually the region government provides subsidy that permits to maintain tariff for population at socially accessible level.

Suburb railway transportation is carried out in 24 routes. Since 2017 it will be performed in 28 routes. Since 1 June 2014 implementation of project «Urban electric train in Tyumen» started by extension of four functional suburb trains. Under the project the «Single tariff zone» has been established for payment to go on cross-town lines within «Urban electric train» route. A uniform 18.0 rub tariff per trip is used since 9 December 2014. Further project implementation is limited with carrying capacity and load of Transsiberian line. Construction of a separate line and auxiliary infrastructure for urban electric train movement from Utyashev station to Voinovka station will permit to provide running to 15 couples of urban electric trains and decrease underway time from 40-60 minutes to 25-30 minutes. It is also required to build new nine platforms, three pedestrian bridges and reconstruction of the existing ones. Concept of urban railway passenger transport was elaborated in Tyumen and preliminary approval of the same was received from Russian Federation Ministry of transport with indication of the remarks. To improve the quality of railway transport provided by JSC «RZHD» on the territory of the Tyumen region its government and JSC «RZHD» elaborate the following issues:

development of urban railway transport project in Tyumen in regard of functioning train traffic schedule improvement to assign 0ne to two couples of extra trains in the route of urban electric train in Tyumen when introducing new 2016-2017 schedule and extension of urban electric train route to «Andreevsk Lake » station;

implementation of project on organization of multimodal transports in Airport «Roschin » – Tyumen – Tobolsk direction;

renewal of rolling stock for organization of railway transport.

Operations on reconstruction of main Tyumen region airport - «Roschin» are carried out. Full works completion is scheduled to the end of 2016. Time of passenger transport from airplane to airport has been shortened four times. Renewed airport complex will comply to the most rigid requirements of air companies as well. Flight service period will be decreased several times and will take 50 min, maximum. A restaurant and net of sales outlets – Duty Free (area of free sale) - will appear in the renewed building that will do it more comfortable for passengers. Types of services will be developed gradually. Reconstruction of airport complex «Roschin» will permit to increase the limit acceptance rate to 800 people per hour that will allow to service five mil passengers a year with high quality. This reserve is enough at least to 2030.

To render transport services to population in hard-to reach localities of Tobolsk, Vagaisk and Nizhnetavdinsk regions with population about three thous people the transportation on board of AN-2 airplanes are carried out in nine donated routes and by Mi-8 helicopter in Tobolsk-Ishmenyev-Izemet-Achir-Tobolsk route.

Interregional routing net is effectively developing since 2016 on the resolution of Russian Federation Government No 1242. Air transport in 10 regular routes to Gorno-Altaisk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Ufa, Krasnodar and Mineral Waters are carried out since 01.02.2016.

Annually 45 regular passenger trips are carried out by the internal water transport in «Tobolsk – Maliy Bich» route.

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