According to Tyumenstat (statistical service) data In the sphere of construction 6 219 companies are open. More than 49 thousand workers were engaged in the industry following the results of 2016, half of them are employed in large and medium-scale enterprises.

New housing supply

Within ten years more than 14 million square meters of housing are constructed in the region.

Amount of commissioned residential area increased from 1,099,248 sq.m. in 2008 to 1,419,772 sq.m. in 2017. Amount of commissioned residential buildings per capita remains consistently 1.5-2 times higher than the national average and the Ural federal district rate (in 2016, residential area commissioned per capita: 1.15 sq.m.).

The total average living quarters area per one inhabitant of the region grew during five years by 2,4 sq. m and made 26,8 sq. m in 2016.

Construction of the social infrastructure facilities

In the Tyumen region the building and reconstruction of the social infrastructure facilities is actively carried out. It should be noted that in the year 2013 every sixth school of Russia was put into operation in the Tyumen region (11 nursery schools and 13 schools are constructed since 2011).

In 2017 out of the funds of regional budget the building of the biggest school of Tyumen region (1500 seats) is carried out in urban district Vostochny-2.

In the near future the construction of school in Yamalsky-2 and nursery school in Tyumensky-2 urban districts will be started. They are planned to be put into operation in 2017-2018.

One of the most important for the region is the large infrastructure project of reconstruction of air terminal complex in “Roshchino” airport.

As a result of these works which were carried out from 2012 to 2016 Tyumen city got the modern, convenient for passengers and meeting the international requirements air centre.

The airport passenger traffic has significantly increased– twice in local lines’ sector and 4 times in international lines’ sector.

The area of air terminal is increased what in turn allows to improve the quality of passengers’ servicing. If before the reconstruction it made about 6 thousand square meters, it made more than 25 thousand square meters thereafter.

The renewed air terminal meets the most strict requirements of airlines. Its aircraft service period is no more than 50 minutes today.

After putting into operation new terminal the airport traffic capacity increased from 200 to 600 people per hour and this will allow to ‘Roshchino’ to render high-quality service to up to 5 million passengers per year.

In 2017 is planned the completion of the construction and assembling works of such socially important facilities as a set of apartment houses for temporary residence of medical center personnel in Patrusheva village; the pool of the Tyumen state university and the sports center in Borovsky village; the main building of the museum center of Tyumen city; right bank quay of Tura river.

The investment projects are actively implemented in the territory of the region. So, in 2016 were put into operation the plant producing the disposable medical items of Malkovo village (the Tyumen district); fish processing facilities in Ushakova village; the sports building of the Tobolsk industrial institute; ‘O’key' hypermarket in Profsoyuznaya street (Tyumen); the facilities of ‘Niva’ sanatorium and preventive clinic in Zavodoukovsk town; the 4600-head dairy farm in Golyshmanovo district and others.

Development of building industry

Important component of the construction sector’s success is the modernization of local building enterprises.

For last 10 years more than 70 investment projects with respect to upgrade and putting into operation of new production facilities are realized. The most considerable of which are ‘UGMK-STAL’ steel works; the energy efficient heat-insulating materials plant ‘KNAUF Insulation Tyumen’; the wall materials’ plant ‘Porevit’, dry construction mixes and concrete additives plant ‘MC Bauchemie’ and others.

To meet the increasing demand of regional construction sector the Government of the Tyumen Region pays much attention to implementation of building investment projects. Their realization promotes the development of local raw materials base and independence of regional building sector of import products.

Thus, today is created the local construction cluster that develops according to current tendencies and provides the builders with high-quality products. It is important that these products remain competitive.

Implementation of housing programmes

For further development of construction sector and providing the population with affordable and comfortable dwelling the whole packages of housing programmes is implemented in the Tyumen region.

More than 2,8 billion roubles were allotted for realization of these programmes in 2017 thanks to which more than 2 000 families have improved their housing conditions.

The main priority is resettlement of population from the substandard housing. The regional special-purpose programme of substandard housing liquidation is implemented in the region since 2013. Its execution is financed using the funds of the state corporation – Housing and communal services reforming assistance fund and those of regional budget.

When this programme began there were in the Tyumen region 148 thousand square meters of substandard housing where 10 thousand people dwelled.

Presently this programme is complete 8 months before the planned date.

Road construction and development of transport infrastructure

For 10 years in the Tyumen region 21 large infrastructure facilities, 500 kilometers of regional and municipal highways and 47 bridges were built and reconstructed.

More than four thousand kilometers of roads of regional and local significance are repaired, 65 villages of the region are linked by hard roads.

177,9 km of federal highways were brought to standard condition in the year 2016.

The bridge on 78th km of Tyumen – Omsk motor road near Yalutorovsk town and its 12 km long approaches were reconstructed. In September, 2016 this bridge was opened.

The project and construction works with regard to the bridge over Tobol river, 645 running metres long on 123rd km of Tyumen – Khanty-Mansiysk highway and 3 sections of Tyumen-Omsk motor road from Tyumen to Bogandinsky settlement (total length - 28 km) are carried out.

The federal government agency "Uralupravtodor" looks into the issue of the construction of hoist ring connecting all federal highways and passing near Uspenka (R-351), Chervishevo (R-254 ‘Irtysh’), workers' settlement Bogandinsky (R-402) and Borki (R-404) villages.

In 2017 it is planned to continue the reconstruction of the bridge over Tobol river on 123rd km of the highway Tyumen-Khanty-Mansiysk and to meet the reconstruction schedule for all highways of federal significance.

116 kilometers of regional motor roads are brought to the normative condition, two settlements are connected to the general network of highways (Polovinnoye village of Berduje district and Tyuleshov Bor village of Vikulovo district) in 2016. The percentage of rural settlements linked by hard roads grew to 80,47% (by 0,8%).

As per results of the year the share of regional or municipal public roads conforming to standard requirements will make 56,89%. The increase of the roads in normative condition will form 0,5%.

154 kilometers of regional motor roads were brought to standard state in 2016.

In capital of the region the clearways’ creation plan is being realized (the Tyumen ring road, Montazhnikov str., Permyakova str., Melnikayte str., Chervishevsky trakt str. – Moskovsky trakt str. - Profsoyuznaya str.)

The construction and assembling works of the Tyumen ring road still go on. Its total length makes 55,079 km, 47,77 km of which are ready including 34,5 km of clearways.

On Melnikayte str. highway the bridge over Tura river is reconstructed, the design documentation for building of 4 road interchanges is prepared (intersection of 30 let Pobedy str., Respubliki str., 50 let Oktyabrya str., Druzhby str.) and reconstruction of 2 street sections (from Kharkovskaya str. to the bridge over Tura river and from this bridge to Druzhby str.)

In 2016 are opened:

- the reconstructed Sverdlova and Komsomolskaya streets;

- the road interchange at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Zapolnaya streets;

- the road interchange at the intersection of the Tyumen ring road and Melnikayte street;

- the section of the ring road from Dambovskaya str. to Topolinaya str. (the 2nd start-up facility of eastern part of the Tyumen ring road);

- the overground crosswalk in Melnikayte str. where it crosses V. Gnarovskaya str.

In October, 2016 the contractors began the construction of road interchange on southern section of the ring road (at the intersection of Permyakova street) and the combined bridge over Tura river in line of Melnikayte street.

In 2017 the reconstruction of the bridge over Tobol river on 123rd km of the highway Tyumen–Khanty-Mansiysk will be continued and the repair and complete rebuilding highways with total length 287,1 km are planned.