Key events of investment attraction in regional economy in 2016

Tyumen investment forum "Technologies. Territories. Personnel" was held on the 4th of March, 2016. 

1053 representatives of business community, authorities, public organizations took part in it. Registration in the Forum lasted for more than two months and its call-center worked round-the- clock. The forum became an excellent area for business negotiations where the representatives of 12 countries such as Germany, Kazakhstan, USA, Finland, South Korea and others have participated. The investment potential of the region was represented during the Forum, the stands of Industrial parks of the Tyumen region and Investment agency were opened.

Here the practical experience/issues related to features of economic situation, problems in technological improvement, territories’ development and personnel training were discussed. Also the concrete ideas and legislative initiatives were promoted. For the first time the investment forum paid much attention to development of municipal structures, increase in their investment appeal, technologies of creation and promotion of investment projects, entrepreneurship development programs. The Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev shared the experience of development of municipalities in the region with forum participants during his speech. Within the event the stands of Tyumen region’s industrial parks, Investment agency, regional business incubator were open. The investment potential was presented on the regional stand.

The forum was commented by more than 130 journalists and its plenary meeting was broadcast live on regional TV channel "Tyumen Time".

In 2016 the Tyumen region took the 5th place among 85 constituent territories of the Russian Federation in National rating of Russian territories’ investment climate having moved within a year by 10 positions from the 15th place. As for the rating of investment appeal of constituent territories of the Russian Federation we permanently take the 1st or 2nd place. Primarily this progress is due not only to financing, but to the brand new format of project management of work with investors and entrepreneurs of the region.

A number of new production facilities were opened including:

- January 26, 2016 – greenhouse enterprise for growing fruits and vegetables on protected ground, 1st stage. The volume of investment – 2,2 billion roubles. 183 new jobs. Project implementation location: Tyumen district, Narimanovo village.

- March 4, 2016 – the 1st stage of fish processing plant in the Tyumen district (LLC “Era-98”). The volume of investment – 1,239 billion roubles, 192 new jobs.

- April 19, 2016 – the reconstruction of the Hotel “Tyumen”: the new “Hilton”. The volume of investment- 1 billion roubles, 130 new jobs.

- August 27, 2016 – completion of 2nd and 3rd stages of construction of the plant of advanced processing of wheat in lysine amino acid by CJSC “Agricultural holding Yubileyny”. The volume of investment – 6 billion roubles, 200 new jobs.

- September 8, 2016 – “O'KEY” supermarket in Tyumen (CJSC “Dorinda”). The volume of investment - 1,6 billion rubles, 299 new jobs.

- September 12, 2016 – the 2nd stage of “DYNAenergetics” plant in Nizhnyaya Tavda district was launched. The volume of investment – 500 million roubles, 50 new jobs.

- September 30, 2016 – start of 3rd stage of CJSC “Antipino Oil Refinery”. The 3rd stage – volume of investment – 72,2 billion roubles, 1473 new jobs (the total project investment – 143 billion roubles, 2271 new jobs will be created after project completion).

In 2016 another two investment agreements with holders of investment projects of the Tyumen region providing positive economic and (or) social effect were concluded. As for holders of investment projects in 2016 in Tyumen region the investment of about 65,5 billion rubles and receipt of taxes to the amount of 8,7 billion rubles are forecasted, the number of employees will make 6099 people not including the new jobs created by contractors and subcontractors participating in construction of production facilities.

In summer 2016 the first industrial park was opened in Borovsky village of the Tyumen district with area of 27,9 hectares. Its first residents are already on the ground and have entered the investment phase of their projects’ implementation.

Presently half of industrial park’s area is already let on lease. By the end of the year the second industrial park of Bogandinsky village of the Tyumen district with the area of 267,9 hectares will be launched. The industrial and logistics park DSK-500 with the area of 18,5 hectares started to operate where the implementation of some logistics and production investment projects begun.

Residents of industrial parks enjoy a number of advantages:

- the ready platform with infrastructure and preferential rental rate;

- Decrease of the income and property tax reliefs(relief значит облегчение) during projects’ implementation;

- Opportunity to use financial support tools (investment loans and equipment purchase subsidies).

Tyumen region is planning to create another two industrial parks.

The investment activity in 2016

For ten years the explosive growth of industrial production occurred in the region, actually the new industrialization of regional economy took place. The industrial production increased (comparing years 2015 and 2005) by 3,2 times (among other Russian regions- 1,17 times as much). The index of industrial production keeps on 110-120% level and even in difficult year of 2015 this rate made about 110%.

Primarily such growth is due to the processing branches. Even now, when national economy survives especially difficult times our regional growth amounts to 104-105% monthly.

Actually new branches were created in the region represented by new industrial giants using up-to-date technologies and high working efficiency – oil processing, oil and gas chemistry and large-scale production of polymers and their processing, ferrous metallurgy for the construction and machine-building branches, glass production, biotechnological productions.

Volume of investment. The volume of investment in fixed capital during 10 years grew by 4,3 times (from 56,3 billion rubles in 2005 to 240,7 billion rubles in 2015).

For the first half-year 2016 the volume of investments grew 1,4 times as compared with the same period of past year (from 89,2 billion rubles to 129,0 billion rubles).

For the last 3 years 25 new large industrial productions were opened, 7 of which are created by the foreign-funded companies, several hundreds of new small and medium productions have appeared.

With support of regional government about 10 000 new jobs were created.

Presently the Tyumen region register includes more than 300 investment projects with total capitalization of more than 1,5 trillion rubles.

Following the results of implementation of all investment projects, we assign the objective to create 50000 new jobs by the year 2021.

The most striking examples of successful project implementation:

The Antipino oil refinery – one of two large Russian oil refineries constructed from scratch for the last 35 years. In 2016 oil refining efficiency reached 98%, record of the industry. More than 9 million tons of crude oil are processed annually, products are exported to the European Union, 2200 new jobs are already created and 2500 will be in future.

"Tobolsk-Polymer" – is one of the largest projects of Russian petrochemistry with nearly 100 billion roubles investment including infrastructure. The created production allowed Russia not only to completely satisfy own needs for the main brands of polypropylene, but also to become the large exporter. After its opening the new plant has produced more than 1 million thousand tons of polypropylene with nearly 30% share of the all-Russian production volume. Presently in the same location the new industrial giant “ZapSibNeftekhim” with about 500 billion rubles investment is being constructed. Both projects will give to our region more than 2000 new jobs, and in peak moment up to 20 000 workers will participate in construction.

“UGMK Stal” plant – more than 22 billion rubles of investments and more than 1000 new jobs. Literally one month ago we have received the first million tons of the Tyumen metal. Presently this company masters the new type of products that will be supplied to the plants of the Russian automotive industry.

“AminoSib” project. This project will allow to perform the advanced processing of 120 000 tons of local wheat per year what means different added value and product profitability. It also means the import substitution of nearly 40% of lysine which is now mainly imported into the Russian Federation from other countries.

The Tyumen plywood plant – is the federal wood development project. It is created the modern export-oriented enterprise (export share – over 80%) with wasteless production technology and unique waste-to-power installation.

These are just some names of large-scale projects that the Tyumen region has worked with over the past few years. We also have received the Tyumen cable, the Tyumen perforating equipment and drill towers of Tyumen make, bridge structures and new product range of food industry.

Large projects were launched in industrial agricultural production – the second stage of considerable greenhouse complex of Tyumen district, modernization of poultry farms and construction of new turkey breeding and processing facilities, new pig farms and new fish breeding and processing plants. That’s what we call our new industrialization in Tyumen way.