General assessment of socio-economic environment in the region

In January – June 2017 industrial production in the region was increasing. Promising investment projects were being implemented. Population growth continued to be evident. Real income and real disposable household income of population were growing which led to the consumer market revival – growth of retail sales volume has renewed, commercial consumer services show substantial upward trend.

Industrial production

Industrial production index in January – June 2017 was 103.1%.

Production index in category “Mineral production” was 95%. 5.8 million tons of petrol have been extracted (95.2% of the same period of the previous year).

Processing industry production index was 104.7% including:

- coke and petroleum chemicals production – 104.8%. Diesel fuel production increased by 10.2%. Propane and butane production increased by 4%.

- production of medicines and materials used in medical industry – 142.3%;

- electric equipment production – 103.5%. Cabelware production increased 2.1 times. Car starter batteries production decreased by 13.2%;

- motor transport, trailers, semitrailers production – 107.7%. other modes of transport – 111.6%;

- woodworking and woodware production, except furniture pieces – 119.4%.

Plywood production increased by 17.6%. timber production increased by 7.9%;

- paper and paper products – 113.7%;

- metallurgical production – 117.0%;

- chemical species and chemical goods production – 114.5%;

- food production – 102.8%, potables production – 102.7%

Fish products and fish conserves production increased by 28.9%, butter production – by 16.9%, confectionery production – by 59.4%, curd production – by 6.3%, semi-finished meat products (with meat content) chilled and frozen – by 6.9%, beer – by 20.9%;

- other non-metallic mineral commodity production – 100.1%.

Silex brick production decreased by 6.8%, glass bottles production increased by 6.4%;

- machinery and equipment not included in other production groups – 95.6%.

Rotary-type pumps production decreased by 21.8%, other special-purpose machinery production decreased by 8.7%;

- finished metal products except machinery and equipment production – 99.7%. Production of constructions and structural parts from ferrous metals decreased by 6.4%; welding electrodes production increased by 9%.

In the “Power, gas, steam supplies; air-conditioning” sector of economy production index of the 1st half of the year was 117.6%. 7.2 billion kilowatt per hour of electrical energy was generated, which is by 35.6% more than in January – June 2016.  Steam and hot water production decreased by 6.5% and was 9 million gigacalories. In the “Water supply, wastewater disposal, gathering and elimination of waste, pollution liquidation activity” sector index of production in the 1st half of 2017 was 106.6%.


Agricultural production volume on farm units of all categories in the 1st half of 2017 was 21.4 billion rubles (105.1% of the same period of the previous year).

Farm units of all categories produced 56.1 thousand tons of live weight meat (98.9% of the same period of the previous year). 267.8 tons of milk (101.5%). 753.9 million egg pcs (116.2%).

Agricultural formations provided higher rates of production growth: milk production increased by 5.5% (146.7 thousand tones), eggs – by 16.7% (715.7 million pcs).

As of 1. 2017 in farm units of all categories number of cattle increased (compared with the same period of the previous year) by 1.7%: cows – by 0.5%, pig stock decreased by 2.7%, sheep and nanny goats stock decreased by 2.2%.

In agricultural formations number of cattle increased by 3.3%, cows – by 2.6%, pig stock decreased by 0.2%, sheep and nanny goats stock – by 22.7%.

Live stock and poultry stock efficiency index is increasing in agricultural formations. Average milk yield per cow was 3068 kilos (104.1% of the same period of the previous year), egg-laying capacity is 165 eggs (103.1%).

According to preliminary data the total farm area for harvest of this year in farm units of all categories is 1071 thousand ha which is 1.1% less than it was sowed for the previous year’s harvest because of spring high waters in several districts of the region.


In the 1st half of 2017 companies performing construction activity themselves accomplished work in the amount of 66.2 billion rubles (107.7% of the same period of the previous year in comparable prices).

Companies of all forms of ownership, including private developers placed in the commission 424.8 thousand square meters of total area of apartment buildings (289.7 square meters per 1000 citizens). Percent of single-family houses, built by the citizens was 53.7%.

Investment volume in January – March 2017 was 52.8 billion rubles (101% of the same period of the previous year).

Consumer market

In January – June 2017 retail turnover was 163.9 billion rubles (100.2% of the same period of the previous year in comparable prices). Goods sold per capita run at 111.8 thousand rubles.

Provision specific gravity in the structure of retail turnover. including potables, tobacco goods per capita was 46.9%. non-food goods – 53.1%.

Catering turnover was 17.4 billion rubles (96.3% of the same period of the previous year in comparable prices).

Commercial consumer services were performed at the sum of 39.0 billion rubles (103.5% of the same period of the previous year in comparable prices), 26.6 thousand rubles per capita.

The major special gravity in the commercial services sector belongs to housing services (21.2%), telecommunication (18%), transport services (11.4%), domestic services (9.1%), medical services (9.1%) and educational services (8.4%).

International trade

According to the data of the Ural Customs Office external turnover of the Tyumen region (excluding autonomous areas) including mutual trade with EEU countries in January –March 2017 was USD 890.9 million (export – 705, import – USD 185.9 million). International trade cash surplus was in the sum of USD 519.1 million.

In the export commodity pattern the major special gravity (67.5%) have fuel and energy industry articles (group 27 FEACN) - petroleum and petroleum products (mainly diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas), their supplies in value terms run at USD 475.9 million.

Second place (28.9% of all export) – chemical sector output (products of groups 28-40 FEACN, mainly, organic chemical species and propathene. In January – March 2017 products in the sum of USD 203.6 million were exported.

Woodworking industry export share (plywood, lamwood panels, wood chip board) was 1.5%; machinery mechanical facilities and transport – 0.7%; metal and metal products – 0.4%.

Major export sales were made to the Netherlands (25.3% of total export volume), Belgium (12.9%), Latvia (9.1%), Poland (8.5%), France (8.2%), Great Britain (7.3%), Finland (5.4%).

In the import commodity pattern the major special gravity (80.7%) have machinery and machinery equipment, transport facilities (products of groups 84-90 FEACN). Chemical industry import share took 7.2%,metal and metal products – 5.2%.

The main importing countries - Germany (37% of total import volume), China (5.6%), Great Britain (5.4%). the USA (3.7%), the Czech Republic (3.6%), Italy (3.2%).

Labor and employment

The level of unemployment rate (according to the ILO method) in April – June 2017 was 5.1%. The number of officially listed unemployed as of July 1. 2017 was 4559 persons, the level of registered unemployment rate – 0.64% of the total number of labor force.

Tension coefficient in the regional labor market – 0.2 persons per vacancy.


In January – May 2017 population of the region grew by 6620 persons and it was 1484.5 thousand citizens as of June 1, 2017.

In January – June 2017 natural population increase was 2030 persons, migration gain in January – May 2017 was 5096 persons.