As of now, the investment project roster of the Tyumen region comprises more than 500 projects in the implementation stage.

In 2017, 21 investment projects were implemented in the region. Among the largest projects the following can be noted: the Damate company dairy complex, the AminoSib complex for advanced processing of wheat, the Baker Hughes company well injection production, the Polipak packaging production plant, the new Tyumenremdormash metal slitting production shop, the Absolut-Agro complexes for turkey breeding and processing, the Tyumensky pig breeding complex of ZAO Sibirskaya Agrarnaya Gruppa. Also, two logistics projects were implemented in 2017: the Katren pharmacies service complex and the logistical center of X5 Retail Group company, hypermarkets Lenta and Leroy Merlin.

As for the future prospects, several new projects are already planned for 2018.

1) In 2018, the construction of the 3rd set of the Antipinsky oil processing plant will be completed.

Construction of the 3rd set is active since 2010. As a result of implementation of the 3rd set of ANPZ, it is planned to increase the plant's capacity up to 9 million tons oil annually, by the raw product, producing diesel fuel of Euro-5 quality.

2) A number of new enterprises will be opened in the Borovsky Industrial park:

- production of ice cream, OOO Landis;

- production of oil and gas equipment OOO NPO SibBurMash;

- the project on the processing and freezing of wild berries, OOO TPK Yagody Plus.

3) A new timber and wood processing plant is planned to be opened in the Mugen settlement of the Uvat district, by the Rovial company.

Processing capacity: up to 160 sq. m. of timber per shift.

Planned processing volume:

- fir oil: 1.5 tons per year;

- tar: 10 tons per year;

- charcoal briquettes: 9,600 tons per year.

4) A hotel for athletes is planned to be opened in Tyumen by OOO TyumenSport.

In 2018, a number of important investment projects will continue to be implemented.

Petrochemical industry

Construction of the Zapsibneftekhim-2 polyethylene plant in Tobolsk.

Investment volume: 500 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 800.

Construction of extruded polystyrene plant by OOO Polimerplast.

Investment volume: 159 million Rubles, number of jobs: 102.

Plastic packaging production: OOO NG-grup.

Investment volume: 100 million Rubles, number of jobs: 35.

Oil production

Development of the oil production complex of the Tyumen region by involving low-profit and high-risk stock of PAO NK Rosneft in the development.

Investment volume: 126.3 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 233.

Involvement of OAO Surgutneftegas into the development of new hydrocarbon deposits in the Tyumen region.

Investment volume: 62.1 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 600.

Equipment production and assembly

Establishment and development of manufacture of equipment for operation, maintenance and repair of oil trunk pipelines of TRMZ AO Transneft - Sibir.

Investment volume: 2.9 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 107.

Production of CAPCS cabinets and measuring equipment, OOO Tyumen Pribor.

Investment volume: 110 million Rubles, number of jobs: 15.

Pharmaceuticals industry

Investment project for pharmaceuticals production, including hormonal ones, OOO Pharmasyntez-Tyumen.

Investment volume: 3.7 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 400.

Modernization of OAO Tyumensky khimiko-farmetsevtichesky zavod.

Investment volume: 350 million Rubles, number of jobs: 50.

Construction industry

Modernization of the mineral wool insulation plant in the Tyumen city (OOO Knauf Insulation Tyumen).

Investment volume: 594.5 million Rubles, number of jobs: 151.

Modernization of production capacities of OOO Mostostroy-11 in Tyumen.

Investment volume: 457.6 million Rubles, number of jobs: 132.

Wood processing and furniture industry

The project on advanced wood processing of OOO Tyumensky lesopromyshlenny complex.

Investment volume: 9.4 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 1067.

Establishment of a timber processing enterprise with the full recycling cycle, OOO Tekhnomodel.

Investment volume: 300 million Rubles, number of jobs: 160.


Modernization of the Borovskaya poultry farm.

Investment volume: 4 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 150.

Modernization of production of AO PRODO Tyumensky broiler.

Investment volume: 3.4 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 500.

Modernization of the Pyshminskaya poultry farm.

Investment volume: 2.3 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 150.

Construction of a potato processing plant, OOO Agrofirma KRIMM.

Investment volume: 1.7 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 51.

Construction of a pastry plant of OOO PK Slada in Ishim.

Investment volume: 1.1 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 200.

Construction of a dairy complex in OOO Agrofirma Mezhdurechie in the Yarkovsky district (OOO Eko - Niva APK Holding).

Investment volume: 960 million Rubles, number of jobs: 120.

Construction of a mushroom farm, OOO Rost Grib.

Investment volume: 236 million Rubles, number of jobs: 71.

Construction of a lettuce and vegetable processing complex, OOO Provans Grup.

Investment volume: 220 million Rubles, number of jobs: 80.

Construction of a vegetable, fruit and berry preserve plant in Yalutorovsk, OOO Tarskoe.

Investment volume: 120 million Rubles, number of jobs: 35.

Housing and utilities sector

The waste processing and sorting project, OOO Tyumenskoe ekologicheskoe obiedinenie.

Investment volume: 1.5 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 267.

Development and hotel business

A multifuntional complex AQUAMALL with a water park in Tyumen.

Investment volume: 5 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 226.

Construction of a hotel complex in Tyumen (OAO Sibstroyservis).

Investment volume: 1.1 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 192.

Medical services

Construction of a multipurpose hospital, OOO Mat i ditya

Investment volume: 3.5 billion Rubles, number of jobs: 453.

Construction of the Unimed medical center.

Investment volume: 376.5 million Rubles, number of jobs: 68.

We do not rest on our laurels and continue moving forward constantly. In 2018, we will start implementation of new projects, namely:

- construction of a film production plant in Tobolsk;

- technical carbon concentrate production, by the Poliplastik company;

- construction of a new pig farm in the Zavodoukovsky urban district, by OOO Soglasie;

- construction of a new pig farm in the Yurginsky district, by OOO SK Yurginskoe;

- a full cycle broiler chicken breeding and processing complex with capacity of 40,000 tons per year, by OOO Absolut Agro;

- the 3rd set of the greenhouse complex, by OOO TK Tyumen Agro;

- a new animal husbandry complex Petelino in the Yalutorovsky district;

- construction of a technical center for production and service of gas power plants; construction of an industrial and logistics complex for provision of warehousing services and industrial processing of textile products within the territory of industrial Park Bogandinskiy.

Measures for improvement of investment climate in the municipal entities and results thereof

The work on investment attraction to the municipal entities is performed constantly.

Project teams are formed to manage the development of economy of the municipal entities. These teams include the representatives of regional government, local authorities and the Investitsionnoe agentstvo Tyumenskoy oblasti Fund.

Plans were drawn for economic development of municipalities through the formation of leading projects including platforms for implementation, systematic support and maintenance.

Performance indicators were introduced to assess the work of municipal entity administrations.

A combined rating of local authorities is formed annually in parallel with national rating of the regions, to motivate the heads of municipal entity administrations.

This rating is formed on the basis of dynamics and level of indicators on which the work of municipal entity administrations has direct influence; it also takes into account the opinion of business community.

The subsidies of the development budgets of municipal entities and premiums for heads and deputy heads of municipal entities are tied to the rating of municipal entities on a regulatory basis.

As a result of 2016, the ten leaders were the following municipal districts: Yalutorovsky, Armizonsky, Vikulovsky, Uvatsky, Golyshmanovsky, Abatsky, Kazansky, Uporovsky, Sladkovsky and Yurginsky.

The said districts received grants in accordance with their places in the rating.

As of now, more than 450 investment projects are being implemented in the municipal entities of the Tyumen region.