29 October 2019

The credit rating of the Tyumen Region is characterized by the minimal risk level with respect to debt ratios and a high level of the budget liquidity. Such rating of the region is due to the highly flexible and well-balanced budget, as well as large proportions of the capital expenditures, along with extensive financial reserves of the regional budget.

The single account balance steadily exceeds the accumulated amount of debt.

The region covers its own budget expenditures, i.e. in 2016–2019 the share of its own revenues (excluding subventions) will amount to average 97%.

The Tyumen Region’s economy is based on the production and refining of hydrocarbon materials, which account for the majority of tax revenues. In the region, major investment projects are implemented in the petrochemical industry, oil production, pharmaceutics, in the agricultural sector and other industries.

The “Stable” forecast most probably means consistency of the rating within 12–18 months.

The next update of the credit rating and its forecast is expected to be completed within 182 days from the date of the ACRA press release in accordance with the Calendar of the Planned Review and Disclosure of Sovereign Ratings.

Further information is available at: https://www.acra-ratings.ru/press-releases/1487

The Tyumen region`s rating history is available at: https://www.acra-ratings.ru/ratings/issuers/105