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Sergei Donskoi: The Tyumen region is an innovative platform with smart management

20 September 2017  

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoi called the Tyumen region an innovative platform with smart management at VIII Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum.

“The innovations here are both technological and administrative. They are actively developing and it cannot go unnoticed. There is not just a raw materials sector in the Tyumen region, but a sector with smart management” - Minister said.

He thinks that Western Siberia and its deep horizons are very capital-intensive and important projects for the whole sector. Even though the development of many fields has been going on for a very long time, the potential of the region is still high.

At present the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation is devising a Strategy for the Development of the Mineral Resources Base of the Russian Federation for the period until 2035. This Strategy is intended to respond to the challenges and to set the priorities of the sector, Minister said at the plenary meeting of the Forum.

“We can see the following main strategic directions, - Donskoi specified:

- search and exploration of giant fields in proven producing complexes in Eastern Siberia and in the north of Western Siberia;

- exploration of new promising complexes in lower deep levels of the Western Siberian Plate, East-Siberian Platform, Caspian Depression, etc.;

- geological study of the Arctic and Far East shelves of the Russian Federation, and their active development in case of the improvement of the external environment;

- purposeful stimulation of subsoil users to search and development of small deposits in the operating provinces;

- creation of conditions and a normative base for active involvement in the development of non-traditional sources of hydrocarbon raw materials (Bazhenov Formation in Western Siberia, etc.);

- stimulation of geological exploration in the regions of the Arctic zone, support of new projects that should ensure the development of the Northern Sea Route.

Taking into account the latest results of geological prospecting, the top-priority task in the sphere of search and exploration of oil and gas deposits is the search of deposits in promising districts of Western Siberia (the Gydano-Khatanga zone) and Lena-Tunguska province, as well as in deep horizons of the Volga-Ural and pre-Caspian regions and Western Siberia.

We are also aimed at stimulating the development of deep horizons of well-known oil and gas basins - the pre-Jurassic complex in Western Siberia and deep Paleozoic horizons of the Caspian Depression”.

In addition Minister said that the Strategy provides a number of specific actions aimed at the development of small and medium businesses.

“First of all, this is the development of the declarative principle of granting subsoil areas to small companies. This mechanism has already proven its high efficiency for solid minerals and is now applied to hydrocarbon raw materials.

Besides, we are preparing the measures of economical motivation - providing an installment plan for the one-time payment for the subsoil use and expense deduction for the costs of geological prospecting from the tax base of income tax. The latter measure is a unique motivation tool particularly for small companies. This way we significantly diversify the market forming the zone of activity for small and medium businesses. Also, proposals are being developed for the creation of a tax deductions system that allows to compensate subsurface users’ expenses for geological exploration with increasing depths of search wells".

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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