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Governor to Partner Up with Korean Clinic in Cancer Center Construction Project in Tyumen

09 October 2017  

Today, on October 6, the Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev held a meeting with the representatives of Yonsei cancer center of Severance Clinic (the Republic of Korea). Before that, the Korean guests had visited a number of clinics of the Medical City in Tyumen.

Vladimir Yakushev outlined the promising areas for the development of win-win cooperation in healthcare. He highlighted the focus of the Tyumen region on healthcare development.

“We are rolling out a large-scale project ‘Medical City’. This is a global practice when clinics providing high-tech care are located in one place. Now we are engaged in the next project – the construction of a modern cancer center. In this institution, we would like to build a management model that meets the best international standards. Cancer treatment issues are now relevant for all countries. The experts from Tyumen visited your clinic, studied your experience. Considering your expertise in the organization of the medical process and management of such complex medical institutions, we ask you to act as consultants in Tyumen project, starting with the phase of structural engineering, evaluating project documentation, making up a full set of equipment and staffing, as well as HR training. Our task is to get a modern and high-quality healthcare center,” the Governor expressed his offer of cooperation.

The director of Yonsei cancer center Mr. Noh Sung Hoon noted that he would be happy if their experience and knowledge could help the Tyumen region to establish this center. “The clinic has a long history. Yonsei is the first cancer center in Korea; it was completely renovated in 2014. We collected and used the best global practices for its construction. It's time for us to share our knowledge and practices. We are glad to be useful in this serious project,” Mr. Noh said.

Following the meeting, a decision was made to establish a bilateral working group to draw up a cooperation agreement.

Established in 1885, Severance clinic includes Yonsei cancer center. This is one of the first Western-style clinics in Korea. This modern medical cluster is one of the top ten healthcare institutions in the Republic of Korea. 30,000 patients visit it daily, and the number of surgeries reaches 40,000 annually.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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