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Tyumen enterprises contribute to the development of the Arctic

23 January 2018  

With the implementation of state programs on development of the Arctic the Tyumen enterprises got serious prospects for the future advancement of their skills in manufacturing products intended for use in harsh climatic conditions. 59 Tyumen enterprises are included in the list of high-tech industrial products and services for the needs of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation under the Ural Federal District. This comprises about a third of the list.

They produce transport vehicles, for example fishing vessels, oil tankers, deck equipment, special-purpose machinery, trailers and semitrailers, power and electrical equipment such as boilers and hot-water boilers, modular boiler stations, heat-exchange units, industrial batteries, systems and equipment for monitoring, control, testing and diagnostics.

Most of the Tyumen enterprises produce the goods for the companies involved in the extraction, transporting and processing of oil and gas, including within the Arctic zone; these goods are generally import-substituting. They also produce tanks and vessels for hydraulic fracturing fleets; materials for drilling, cementing and capital maintenance of oil wells; special attachments to drilling and casing columns as well as pump, heat-exchanging, modular and geological prospecting equipment. The production of equipment and materials for implementation of off-shore and Arctic projects is established. Projects of development of software for optimization of processes of drilling, extraction, transporting and processing of fossil fuels are being implemented.

The importance of the Arctic for the development of the whole country was stressed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “The work is underway in the Arctic regions of Russia to actively identify and develop new sources of oil, gas and other mineral and raw resources; large transport and energy projects are being implemented and the Northern Sea Route is being revived. This work in the harsh Arctic conditions is extremely complex; it requires significant financial costs and truly unique technological solutions,” said the head of state.

“When talking about progression and appearance of new sources of fossil fuels, one just can't avoid the difficult issues related to the Arctic. This applies to both the environment and the new technologies of the exploration and development of deposits,” stated the Governor Vladimir Yakushev.

The development of hydrocarbon reserves located in the Arctic became an important thread of discussion at the last Tyumen oil and gas forum, which was held in the regional capital last September.


Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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