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Tyumen hatchery Absolut-Agro already has half a million turkey poults

29 January 2018  

The implementation of a large-scale investment project for turkey breeding is continuous in Yurginsky district and Zavodoukovsky urban district of the Tyumen region. By the end of 2017, almost 660 thousand eggs were incubated in the Absolut-Agro complex, resulting in nearly 550 thousand turkey poults. To recap, the solemn opening of this complex took place in October 2017, with participation of Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region.

Yurginsky hatchery currently works only with its own eggs received from the breeding stock of GK RUSCOM in the Omsk region. Since the launch of the complex, more than 3.5 thousand tons of turkey were sold. Slaughter and processing of poultry is carried out in the Zavodoukovsk slaughterhouse that already reached its design capacity of 2000 units per day. 574 people are currently employed by OOO Absolut-Agro, from them 225 work in the Yurginsky hatchery and 349 work in the slaughterhouse.

The poultry plant was substantially built from scratch. GK RUSCOM and GK ABSOLUT were the investors of the project with cost of 2.19 billion Rubles. 15 enterprises and organizations were engaged in the construction and assembly works, 29 legal entities from Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries were engaged in the supply of equipment.

The complex breeds the Hybrid Converter turkey, a meat breed that is classified as the heavy type for its body weight criterion. Males reach 25 kg, females reach 15 kg. All systems necessary for maintenance (feeding, watering, lighting, microclimate) are regulated in automatic mode. Only vegetable fodder is used here.

It can be added that this investment project has received wide public recognition. For its implementation, the investor Temuri Lataria has been awarded a diploma in the special category “For contribution in the entrepreneurial development”. Katerina Shabasheva, Deputy Director for production of OOO Absolut-Agro, has also received her award.

“An ideal investor is the one who does not succumb to the difficulties, but fulfills undertaken obligations, creates new jobs, brings new technology to the region. Several projects implemented in the Tyumen region and their investors can be brought up as an example. But summarizing the last year results  I'd like to highlight one of the projects implemented by its investor comprehensively. Not only did he give a start to a direction completely new for our region, but he also managed to establish the production in the shortest time, extremely competently and professionally. Simultaneously, he formed a team and took care of not only education and training of employees but also solving their domestic issues. It was this exact project that became the occasion to establish this special category “For contribution in the entrepreneurial development” for our current award”, spoke the Governor Vladimir Yakushev at the award ceremony.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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