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Tyumen AIC will be complemented by another large poultry breeding complex

09 February 2018  

A cooperation agreement was signed by Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region, and Temuri Lataria, the Director of the Ruscom company, last Friday, February 9, concerning the implementation of the investment project for construction of a full-cycle broiler chicken breeding and processing complex with capacity of 40,000 tons per year and planned investment volume of about 7 million Rubles.

The first project successfully implemented by the company in the region was the turkey breeding and processing complex in the Yurginsky district. Now the investor plans to construct a full-circle broiler chicken breeding and processing complex. Production departments will be established in the Golyshmanovsky, Omutinsky and Yurginsky districts. It is planned to construct feeding farms for simultaneous handling of 3.5 million broiler chickens, a hatchery with capacity of 37 million eggs per year, a breeding stock, an own compound feed mill with capacity of 100 thousand tons of fodder per year with grain storage, and a broiler chicken slaughterhouse with recycling unit.

“Construction of chicken broiler farm with capacity of 40 thousand tons is a large-scale project. The Tyumen region has comfortable and transparent conditions for investors to implement their investment projects here. Support provided by the regional government contributes to successful completion of all plans as soon as possible. Signing the next cooperation agreement, we are confident this new project will also be successfully implemented in the course of our joint work,” said Temuri Lataria, the Director of the Ruscom company.

“Together with the Ruscom company, we implemented a large-scale project that became an outstanding example of an integrated approach to establishment of a new production unit. The investor has fulfilled all his obligations, creating new jobs. Not only did he kickstart the completely new economy sector for the region, but also managed to establish the production in the shortest time, competently and professionally; simultaneously, he formed a team and took care of not only education and training of employees but solving their domestic issues as well. The new project involves three rural areas at once, creating new jobs here. This investment project will help to revitalize a currently inactive production site in the Golyshmanovsky district. This project will be supported at the regional level within the framework of current legislation; its implementation would require the regional government and municipal authorities coordinate their actions. I'm sure all the investor's plans would be successfully implemented,“ said Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region.

The first stage of implementation of the investment project would be the construction of a compound feed mill in the Golyshmanovsky district, supplying the production by necessary fodder.

Photo by Sergey Rusanov

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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