01 August 2018
Interim Governor: the foothill part of Tobolsk should become comfortable for citizens and tourists

Comfortable environment for citizens and tourists has to be created in the foothill part of Tobolsk. Beautification should not be limited to the restoration of individual historical monuments. Alexander Moor, interim Governor of the Tyumen region, spoke about this after becoming familiarized with the project for beautification of the foothill part of Tobolsk.

“Tobolsk has enormous opportunities for tourism. After all, the history of the city, the people who lived here, and the events that took place in the Tobolsk land – this all is truly unique and holds great importance for the entire Russia. That's why I'm sure Tobolsk will become a center of attraction for tourists. And we have clear understanding of what needs to be done for this”, said the interim Governor.

According to Vladimir Mazur, head of Tobolsk administration, by addressing the problems of reconstruction of historical buildings in the foothill part, the city authorities plan to attract investors and use mechanisms of public-private partnerships.

“Vast positive experience in this sort of work was accumulated in Tyumen when Alexander Moor was in charge of the regional center administration. We intend to use this experience. By attracting investors for the restoration of historic buildings, we won't only restore these objects but also rejuvenate them and find a worthy functional application for them. This requires a balanced concept coordinated with the residents of Tobolsk”, said Vladimir Mazur.

“We are gradually moving towards reconstruction and beautification of the foothill part of Tobolsk. Without a doubt, this city can pose some serious competition to recognized tourist centers of Russia. It has huge potential for this”, reasons Alexander Moor.

Evgeniy Babenko

Source: Tyumen Line News Agency