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Alexander Moor discussed the promising areas of cooperation with the Ambassador of India

31 October 2018  

At their meeting in Moscow, Governor Alexander Moor and Venkatesh Varma, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India in the Russian Federation, discussed the opportunities for expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation of the Tyumen region and India.

The head of the region presented the potential of the Tyumen region and identified the promising areas of interaction. “The Tyumen region strives to develop partnerships with regions of India in the economic, scientific, educational and social areas, in the fields of culture, tourism and sports”, noted Alexander Moor. He reminded that the representatives of several Indian companies visited the region in 2017. They discussed opportunities for the implementation of investment projects. Only recently, this September, an employee of the Embassy of India in Russia Mr. George Thomas came to Tyumen and participated in the Tyumen oil and gas forum.

“We can offer a number of directions considering the interests of the Tyumen region and India, in particular, cooperation with Indian companies in shipbuilding; projects on processing of SIBUR products; establishment of joint engineering and petrochemical enterprises within the territory of the Tyumen region; cooperation in the IT field; establishment of the consumer goods industry enterprises. Vibrant Gujarat Summit is planned in India in January 2019. This event is of particular interest to us as it can help us to establish contacts with Indian companies. The assistance of the Embassy of India in the organization meetings with specific Indian companies during the summit can facilitate the development of partnership relations between our countries”, suggested Alexander Moor.

The Ambassador noted that the Tyumen region is a very important region for the development of cooperation. His Excellency Venkatesh Varma said that he holds this position for the second month now and Alexander Moor was one of the first governors to meet with. He thanked the head of the Tyumen region for the provided information about the investment potential and achievements of the region, adding that they are quite impressive.

Following the meeting, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India in the Russian Federation suggested scheduling two events: the visit of the delegation of the Tyumen region to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. Gujarat is one of the most progressive states of India. It has features of the industrial development similar to the Tyumen region: the oil and gas industry, industrial parks, and pharmacy. The Embassy is also ready to organize a business mission of Indian companies to Tyumen.

For reference:

According to the data of Ural customs administration, the trade turnover of the Tyumen region with India was 16,442.89 thousand USD (128.77 thousand USD for export and 16,314.12 thousand USD for import) for 2017. For comparison: in 2016, the trade turnover of the Tyumen region with India was 9,144.9 thousand USD (260.1 thousand USD for export and 8,884.8 thousand USD for import)

As of now, the Tyumen region exports plywood and lumber to India and imports equipment, machinery, pumps and pump components, and clothing.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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