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The industrial production index of the Tyumen region almost reached 110% in October

28 November 2018  

The industrial production index of the Tyumen region for October 2018 stopped at 109.9%. The growth remains steady in mineral production (111%) and manufacturing (109.7%).

By the end of October, agricultural complex and processing demonstrate the positive trend. The index of food products production reached 105.7%, production of dairy products reached 109.2%. In this sector, the highest growth was observed in the production of flour and cereal products, starch and starchy products (116.1%).

The largest growth was observed this October in the manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers, switchgears and instrumentation equipment (212.7%); other chemical products (143.5%); computers, electronic and optical products (136.9%); provision of services associated with mineral production (132,5%); production of medicines and materials used for medical purposes (126.3%); metallurgical production (121.3%); production of coke and petroleum products (115.8%); production of rubber and plastic products (110.5%).

Let us note that the Tyumen region demonstrates industrial growth each year since 2008. From January to July 2018, the industrial production index of the region reached 109.1% compared to the same period of last year.

“The Tyumen region shall keep its main vector of economic policy, namely attraction of private investments to the region. We'll undertake this work, developing both established and new sectors of the economy. I believe that the diverse and rapidly developing industry is the main key to our well-being. Investments contribute to the growth, the creation of new jobs, the infrastructural development, the increase in the quality of life for the population. Not only will we support large investors but also seek new forms of stimulation of the economic activity of small entrepreneurs”, emphasized Governor Alexander Moor in his first Message.

Based on the information from Investment Policy and Entrepreneurial State Support Department of the Tyumen region

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