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Exports of the Tyumen region got increased over the nine months of 2018

29 November 2018  

According to the data of the Urals Customs Directorate, Tyumen exports got increased in the nine months (January-September) of 2018. Its volume amounted to 2 billion 447 million USD, or by 15.3% more than in last year.

Export to non-CIS countries increased by 14.7%, amounting to 2 billion 206.5 million USD, while export to CIS countries increased by 20.5%, amounting to 240.6 million USD.

Export of products such as chemical goods, particularly rubber demonstrated a favorable trend. Supplies of this group got increased by 26% compared to the same period of 2017. Exports of mineral products exceeded 11% (11.2%). Supplies of wood and pulp and paper products got increased almost by 4% (3.9%). The value of exports for such group as machinery, equipment and transport vehicles got increased by 73%.

In total, the foreign trade turnover of the Tyumen region for 9 months of 2018 accounted for 3 billion 702 million USD, exceeding the same period of last year by 260 million USD.

Most export supplies from January to September 2018 were made to the Netherlands, France, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Poland, and the Republic of Belarus.

Export potential of the region is strengthened by such exporter support measures adopted by the Tyumen region government as educational programs, consultations by experts, development of export procedures, and the organization of inbound and outbound international missions.

In his first Message to the regional Duma, Alexander Moor, Governor of the Tyumen region, noted that the export potential of the region wasn't fully discovered yet. According to the head of the region, the growth of export requires innovative approaches, the ability to “package” and sell goods and services, and the simplification of the organizational and legal processes.

Based on the information from Investment Policy and Entrepreneurial State Support Department of the Tyumen region

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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