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Non-Raw Non-Energy Export of the Tyumen Region Exceeds a Billion Dollars

28 февраля 2019  

According to Ural Customs Directorate at the end of 2018 export in the Tyumen region increased by 821 million US dollars. In 2018 it amounted to 3 billion 761.2 million US dollars, which is 1.3 times more than the year before. In 2017 the amount of export reached 2 billion 940.2 million US dollars. At the same time, non-raw, non-energy export exceeded 1 billion US dollars and amounted to 1 billion 225 million US dollars.

In November 2018 the Governor Alexander Moor emphasized the necessity to increase the region’s own export potential, while addressing deputies at the meeting of the regional Parliament. “At the moment the annual volume of the region’s export – non-raw and non-energy – reached the mark of 1 billion dollars. The potential we possess is more than enough to overcome that mark. The regional Government pays the utmost attention to development of export activity, provides combined support for small and medium-sized businesses and for export-oriented enterprises. Most of them are ready to enter foreign markets. The quantity of export contracts, concluded in 2018 between subjects of small and medium enterprises, attests that,” stressed Alexander Moor.

All in all regional foreign trade turnover in 2018 increased by 11% and reached 5,278.9 million US dollars. Trade turnover in 2017 in the Tyumen region amounted to 4,764.1 million US dollars. In comparison with 2016 (2,635.5 million US dollars), regional foreign trade turnover doubled.

In 2018, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Latvia and Belarus traditionally lead the list of the countries purchasing Tyumen products.

Growth in exports of chemical products and rubber increased by 33%, metal products – by 34%, machinery and equipment – by 93%.

The largest volumes in export supply still accounted for fuel and energy products, chemical products. The goods were mainly exported by large enterprises, such as Antipinsky Oil Refinery and SIBUR Holding.

The number of subjects of export activities in the Tyumen region also increased: in 2018, export supplies were carried out by 205 exporting enterprises (161 in 2017).

In 2018, thanks to participation in international exhibitions and business missions and consulting assistance from the Export Support Center, small and medium-sized businesses signed 66 export contracts for a total of 285 million rubles. Eight of them signed export contracts for the first time, adding to the list of exporters of the Tyumen region.

Such Tyumen companies as Zavodoukovsk Oil Plant (refined, deodorized rapeseed oil), Rusich (willow herb), Tyumenecoproduct (natural sweets), Provence (natural salads, vegetables mixes), Benat, the Krimm agricultural firm (the largest producer of seed and ware potatoes not only in the Tyumen region, but also in Russia) secured their success in the export market in 2018. In engineering and equipment field – Yugson-Service, SIBNA, Inoma; in IT – Borisoft.

Enterprises operating in various sectors of the economy –  oilfield services, metalworking, glass, pharmaceutical, food industry, have focused on export.

The Tyumen region Governor Alexander Moor is sure, that an increase in the number of enterprises selling products on foreign markets indicates an increase in business competitiveness. He believes that development in this direction is one of the regional priority tasks.

Based on the information from Investment Policy and Entrepreneurial State Support Department of the Tyumen region

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

Источник: Пресс-служба губернатора Тюменской области


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