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Alexander Moor: The Tyumen Region Is Interested In Extending Cooperation With Germany

05 марта 2019  

One of the main advantages of the region is the effectively implemented system of state support for businesses of foreign investors. This was the opinion expressed by Stefan Keil, Consul General of Germany in Yekaterinburg, during his meeting with the Governor Alexander Moor.

The head of the region thanked the diplomat for his visit and listed the main social and economic achievements of the region. Positive dynamics was noted in the development of industry: last year's industrial production index exceeded 110%. Unprecedented amount of 290 billion rubles of investments in 2017 was recorded. The Tyumen region ranks first in the national investment climate rating.

“Over the past 10 years, over 50 large enterprises have been launched in the region; nine of them were founded by foreign companies, including those with German assets. We have launched such new industries as oil refining and petrochemistry, polymer production, ferrous metallurgy, glass and biotechnological production. There are nearly 700 investment projects with a total capitalization of about 1.6 trillion rubles in the Tyumen region's register”, emphasized Alexander Moor.

The supply of industrial equipment for various purposes ranks first in the structure of goods imported from Germany. Exported Tyumen products are petroleum products, polymers, wood and wood ware. According to the Ural Customs Directorate the regional turnover of trade with Germany during 12 months of 2018 amounted to 738 million US dollars.

The Tyumen region is developing active cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony. The parties signed a cooperation agreement back in 1992. For almost twenty-seven years, a number of joint projects have been implemented in industry, agriculture, education, social and cultural spheres. Several industrial enterprises with German investments are successfully operating in the region today: Schattdecor, Sib-Schwank, Dinaenergetics-Siberia, Knauf Insulation Tyumen and others.

Alexander Moor conveyed to the German guests, that the partnership is not limited to the economic cooperation. In 2015-2018, a pilot project for the training of specialists in agriculture was successfully implemented in the region with the support of the governments of the Tyumen region and Lower Saxony, together with the Deula-Nienburg GmbH Academy and the team of the Yalutorovsk Agrarian College.

According to Stefan Keil, the potential of cooperation is far from being exhausted; German entrepreneurs highly appreciate the support provided by the government of the Tyumen region and the investment climate favorable for project implementation. “The launch of enterprises with German assets in the Tyumen region is crucial for the development of economic cooperation between the Tyumen region and the Federal Republic of Germany”, stressed Consul General of Germany. He confirmed that Germany is ready to continue the mutually beneficial partnership with the Tyumen region.

The Governor suggested that German guests should consider several areas of cooperation, including the localization of production in oil and gas engineering, instrument engineering and oilfield services in the Tyumen region, cooperation in the construction industry, the implementation of projects for deep wood processing, cooperation in health resorts sphere.

“The visit of German business delegation will serve to continue the development of mutually beneficial economic, educational and cultural cooperation. I am sure this will be an additional incentive to extension of bilateral relations between the Tyumen region and the Federal Republic of Germany. We are ready for active cooperation in different fields”, summarized Alexander Moor.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

Источник: Пресс-служба губернатора Тюменской области


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