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Tyumen Touring Routes Will Be Adapted for Foreign Travelers

24 April 2019  

The Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region and Olympia-Reisen-Sibir (a large travel company) have concluded a cooperation agreement.

"The Tyumen region follows Russian travel trends and its active and agile approach makes it stand out among other regions", – said in his conversation with journalists Victor Dann, Director General of Olympia-Reisen-Sibir. He believes that Russian tourism has developed into a new independent branch of economy. It is confirmed by a decree of President Vladimir Putin, according to which tourism industry is governed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

"The agreement not only provides for the inclusion of the Tyumen region in a company’s product range but also for a collaborative development of new projects. We are searching for reliable partners and experts to cooperate with, and ‘Olympia-Reisen-Sibir’ fully meets these criteria, since it has long gained favour in the domestic and international markets. Our primal task is to adapt the existent tourism products of the Tyumen region for foreign point of view and for the needs of foreign travelers", – says Andrey Panteleev. He adds, that it is significant to highlight certain "shticks” of the region.

In terms of development of foreign tourism the Tyumen region, unlike other regions, possesses a unique and special potential, believes Victor Dann. There are numerous well-preserved churches and cultural and historical objects, which attract foreign tourists. There are promising possibilities for development of a very popular abroad eco- or ethnotourism.

Source: Tyumen Line News Agency

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