08 July 2019
International Travel Agents Visit Training Ground of the Industrial University of Tyumen

International representatives of travel industry have visited the Industrial University of Tyumen training ground, situated in Uspenskoye village, as a part of information tour called ‘Get Acquainted with Siberia in Tyumen’.

The purpose of the tour is to show foreign travel agents the most interesting and captivating sights this part of Russia has to offer in order to promote Tyumen and the region among foreign tourists.

Visitors from Japan, Germany, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Italy, Serbia and Singapore will see the Gaol of Yalutorovsk, Abalak settlement and the largest petrochemical industrial site in Tobolsk over a few days.

Drill derrick at the Industrial University of Tyumen training ground in Uspenskoye village, or Uspenka (as locals call it), is a remarkable sight. It was filmed in the Soviet movie ‘Siberiade’. In 2017 the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region included this ground and the derrick into the oilman touring route ‘Black Gold of Siberia’. Since that moment tourists are often visitors to the ground. After getting familiar with oil-production equipment they undergo a ceremony of becoming an oilman and then try the local speciality - fish soup.

Ivan Podgorny, chief of the training ground, and Joel Azameso, master's student at the Industrial University of Tyumen, provide guided tours for foreign visitors. After a short tour around the training ground the guests were invited to get acquainted with safety regulations in a special trailer. In order to see the drill derrick visitors had to wear hard hats.

The derrick started operating in December 2005, and over 2005-2006 it has developed into a modern training and production centre. In 2007 the training ground was improved with the up-to-date oil and gas equipment, courtesy of Lukoil company and oil and gas university, the ancestor of the Industrial University of Tyumen.

‘I have already seen drill derricks during my visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, although I haven’t been able to see how the one works. It’s fascinating. Lukoil is also present in Lithuania. For most people it is interesting to see how the oil is produced, since we depend on oil’, says the Lithuanian travel agent, Vilia Plungite.

After visiting the derrick the guests took part in a ceremony where they all were made oilmen. International visitors made a vow, and Ivan Podgorny smudged their noses and cheeks with oil. Then, according to the ceremony, the freshly-made oilmen had to try special fish soup, courtesy of the Agency for Tourism and Promotion of the Tyumen Region. The peculiar black colour of the soup is humorously explained by presence of oil.

‘It’s an extraordinary experience! I’ve never been to Siberia, have never climbed a drill derrick, furthermore - have never tried black fish soup with oil. It’s an incredible tour, really. I’m impressed!’ shares his opinion Ko Pokh Chay, director of a Singaporean travel agency.

According to Ivan Podgorny, over 300 freshly-made oilmen left the training ground since it has been included in ‘Visit Tyumen’ regional travel programme. Each and every time visitors leave the site with delighted smiles on their faces.

Source: Department of education and science of the Tyumen region