29 July 2019
Omutinskoye District Attracts Foreign Hunt Tourists

Sport and wellness resort ‘Krasny Yar’ (‘The Red Ravine’) in Omutinskoye district will welcome first foreign tourists in August 2019. The Governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, visited the developing site.

‘There is a mini-hotel that accommodates up to 8 people, as well as a petting zoo. Horse ride walks are available. The complex includes a fish pond. We plan to further develop eco-, rural and hunt tourism’, explains Viktor Bareshko, the businessman and the owner of ‘Krasny Yar’, to the Governor.

The resort includes more than 17 thousand hectares of rented hunting area and an open-air cage to house wild animals in semi-wild conditions. Currently, there are more than 70 dapple deer, 50 roe deer, 50 boars, 30 red deer, and 10 elks, as well as 2 bison (not for hunt). The businessman plans to crossbreed bison and local cows in order to develop a new sturdy, easy-to-feed, and frost-tolerant livestock breed.

‘Our tourist complex includes all the facilities needed for family recreation, as well as for hosting foreign and Russian tourists. We expect two groups of foreign hunters: five German and four Spanish people, in August’, adds Viktor Bareshko. He believes that eco-, rural and hunt tourism is a promising area for the development of the whole Tyumen region.

Presently, there are five hunting areas in Tyumen region, ready to welcome tourists to hunt boar, bear, roe deer and elk. In winter tourists can enjoy the traditional tsar horse-back hunt with Russian hounds. In 2018-2019, over 50 hunt tourism partnership contracts were signed with foreign companies (and over 100 with Russian ones).

‘The further development of hunt tourism is impeded by the lack of experts in this area in the region. Together with the regional Department of Hunting, we intend to implement an educational project to train experts’, says Viktor Bareshko. The Governor supports the idea.

Alexander Moor and Viktor Vollert, the head of Omutinskiy district, planted two young cedar trees at ‘Krasny Yar’, thus starting a new parkway, which will represent the beauty of Russian nature and the hospitality of Siberian people.

‘It is clear that we need to demonstrate the generosity of our hearts to all the guests, whether Russian or foreign. As you know, the best promotion is the word of mouth. Opening ‘Krasny Yar’, a hunt tourist complex, was a great idea. And, more importantly, the owner has the vision how to develop his project. I believe it is a good example to follow. Such projects should be started in other districts of the region’, noted Alexander Moor.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region