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Tyumen Confectioners Successfully Enter Foreign Markets

07 августа 2019  

The confectionery companies operating in the region have a great export supply capacity and successfully enter foreign markets, as stated by Alexander Moor, the Governor of the Tyumen Region.

“There are modern confectionery enterprises which operate in Tyumen, Yalutorovsk, and Ishim. The growth rates are being increased at all of them. While the Tyumen confectionary factory “Quartet” sells its products only in our region and neighboring ones, the Yalutorovsk factory “Kurazh” and the Ishim factory “Slada” are proactively entering foreign markets,” Alexander Moor noted.

The products made at the “Kurazh” factory are exported to Germany, Denmark, China, Greece, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Armenia, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

The confectionery products made at the “Slada” factory are exported through Germany to the European Union countries – Holland, Greece, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and Israel. Products of Ishim confectioners are in demand in the CIS countries, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia and Mongolia. In May 2019, the “Slada” factory products were presented at the Silk Road International EXPO in China. As a result, the factory has managed to enter a very large and promising Chinese market.

“Ishim confectioners have got ambitious plans to increase exports of their products to China. As part of the national project “International cooperation and export” we will provide them support in the form of compensation of some logistics costs,” said Alexander Moor.

One should remind that the head of the region has recently visited the investment site of the “Slada” company in Ishim. In September 2019, the company plans to put into operation the first of the three confectionery products production lines. By the end of 2022, the investor intends to purchase and put into operation two more production lines.

“The organization of a new confectionery production facility at the Ishim Machine Building Plant is quite a challenging investment project. The investor placed confidence in the local authorities, and thus, the Soviet-era company that ceased its activity would start a new life in a strict sense. I think, quite soon we will try products of the new shop. The confectionery products market is growing, and the investor plans to develop the entire facility by 2022. We will support this investment project in a proper manner. Moreover, the new production, as well as the entire confectionery industry, have a great export supply capacity,” the governor said.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

Источник: Пресс-служба губернатора Тюменской области


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