The Tyumen region possesses a strong advantage in the competition for investments, states the Governor of the region, Alexander Moor during the press-conference dedicated to the region’s 75th anniversary.

‘In 2018, the Tyumen region topped the National Investment Climate Rating. This year we remained among leaders, ranking 3rd. Currently the competition is of such nature, that a region among top 10 may become the first at any moment, due to the fact that the spread is minimal.

In the first three months of 2019 the amount of investment in the region’s economy reached 52.7 billion rubles: 78% account for investments in the production and  56.7% – in manufacturing industry.

As for investments per head during the same period, the Tyumen region almost doubled the average Russian index, ranking 9th in the country.

The results of the National Rating encourage active promotion of Russian regions in creating a favourable investment climate, states Alexander Moor. Analysing the region’s work with investors, the Governor brings up the success in inviting foreign investors, primarily the European ones.

‘Our partners from abroad bring not only funds, but new important expertise, promoting the investment attractiveness of the region. Today, the regions mostly compete for domestic investors, and the region possesses certain advantages in that area, too’, says the Governor.

In fact, the Tyumen region and northern autonomous areas host major Russian oil and gas companies, which are implementing a number of large investment projects there. For instance, Gazprom Neft is planning to build a bedded systems research centre in Tyumen, while Novatek company will construct a core storage, expanding the number of work places at its research centre from 400 to 1,000.

‘Tyumen has been and remains the centre for research and development activity of major oil and gas companies. These companies are important partners, which supply our engineering factories with high volumes of orders and provide the basis for investments in industrial production and oil and gas service: the areas, which remain our main interests. We shall continue building a relationship with oil companies, ensuring the best possible environment for them’, stresses Alexander Moor.

Another great competitive advantage is that the Tyumen region possesses the infrastructure necessary for financial, material and tax support of investors.

‘What is an investment climate? It is a special attitude towards the investor, understanding its value for the region and the city council, quick and effective resolution of its issues. The region has positive experience in engaging federal institutions for these purposes. We shall work even harder with such tools’, adds the Governor.

As for inviting international investments, for obvious geographical and political reasons the Tyumen region is facing East (both CIS countries and major rapidly developing Asian states, such as India and China).

‘This direction is new for us. We realise that nowadays it’s crucial to work with the business community, domestic and international experts, perhaps involving consulting companies, and to analyse in detail new niches that we need to focus on in our search for foreign investors. I believe we will succeed in that over the next six months in order to both invite foreign investments and create a ready-made solutions for domestic investors’, says Alexander Moor.

Source: Tyumen Line News Agency

Created: 16.08.2019
Updated: 16.08.2019