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Growth in Indices of the Tyumen Region’s Export

23 августа 2019  

By the end of the first six months of 2019, there has been an increase in foreign trade indices of the Tyumen region’s companies. The export volume has reached 1.27 billion US dollars, while during the same period last year it amounted to 1.25 billion US dollars.

Fuel and energy products as well as chemical industry products remain the largest part of export. As for non-raw-material, non-energy export, the indices have increased in the following groups of products: machinery, equipment and other vehicles (from 11.3 million US dollars to 37.0 million US dollars), food products and agricultural raw materials (from 8.7 million US dollars to 10.8 million US dollars), metals and metal products (from 3.5 million US dollars to 4 million US dollars), as well as textiles, footwear, rawhide, and fur.

According to the Governor, this positive dynamics is linked to the development of a favorable export environment in the region.

“The Tyumen Region’s companies produce high quality and competitive products, many of which are ready to enter foreign markets. The region’s government continues to provide comprehensive support to all companies and entrepreneurs who are already exporting their products or only planning to explore this new direction,” Alexander Moor noted.

In 2018, the government arranged business missions to Kazakhstan, the UAE, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, as well as held consultations with companies on product supplies to Germany. As a result, in 2019, supplies to these territories have increased, including the growth in export to the countries which had previously cooperated with the Tyumen Region (such as the UAE, Germany, Denmark, Algeria, Egypt, the UK, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the USA). For instance, exports to Germany have almost tripled, exports to the UAE have increased by 5.5 times, and to Egypt – by 4 times. Moreover, this year, the region’s entrepreneurs have started exporting products to Abkhazia, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Croatia, Switzerland and other countries.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

Источник: Пресс-служба губернатора Тюменской области


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