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Alexander Moor: the Tyumen Region Becomes Russia’s Petrochemical Centre

12 сентября 2019  

The Tyumen region has become Russia’s petrochemical centre due to major investment projects, which SIBUR company implements at Tobolsk industrial site, states the Governor of the region, Alexander Moor.

“Petrochemical industry is another new, exciting, and promising field of development of the region’s economy, which offers us great prospects. The 10th Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum is dedicated to issues related to the further development of the industry,” says the Governor.

SIBUR’s participation in the 10th Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum is purely pragmatic, notes its Managing Director, Alexey Kozlov.

“We have the opportunity to meet colleagues, discuss issues and exchange experience. This year the key topic of the plenary session will be digitisation of the oil and gas industry. SIBUR has taken big steps in this field, so we have much to discuss and much to share. We really want to get feedback,” says Alexey Kozlov.

Major Russian oil and gas companies, as well as principal ministries and authorities traditionally participate in the Forum. According to Alexander Moor, the opportunity to discuss issues and share opinions at the Forum attracts foreign partners as well.

“Usually, European companies show more interest in the Forum, although the region tries to involve Asian companies as well. It is an obvious trend,” notes the Governor.

The 10th Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum will be held in Tyumen on September 17-19. It is the main Russian oil and gas forum, which will gather more than 2,000 Russian and foreign experts, representatives of federal ministries and authorities, and top managers of leading companies. The Forum will feature an exhibition of innovative technologies and developments in the field of fuel and energy.

Source: Tyumen Line News Agency

Источник: ИА «Тюменская линия»


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