The start-up and commissioning works are 87.5% finished at the site of ZapSibNefteсhim. In mid-September, the plant produced its first propylene – a raw material for the polypropylene production. The next stage is to produce ethylene and polyethylene from own raw materials, as Igor Klimov, Board Member of SIBUR LLC, Director General of ZapSibNefteсhim LLC and SIBUR Tobolsk LLC, has informed Alexander Moor, the Tyumen Region Governor.

ZapSibNefteсhim products will be of great importance for the development of non-raw material exports and substitution of polymers, imported mainly from China and Europe, allowing reducing the quantity of various imported products from 85% to 95%.

“SIBUR is one of the major investors in the Tyumen Region. Being our reliable partner with respect to further use of Tobolsk industrial site capacities, it does not only develop its own production facilities, but also focuses on the social and economic development of Tobolsk. While planning this large-scale project, we all knew that it was important not only to produce polyethylene and polypropylene; first of all, this investment project would form the basis for the emergence of other production enterprises in related industries, which could use our raw materials. At the moment we are discussing new projects and new ways to fully use the potential of this major petrochemical production site”, noted Alexander Moor, the Governor of the Tyumen Region.

The petrochemical complex ZapSibNefteсhim will be the largest both in Russia and worldwide. The plant will annually produce 1.5 million tons of polyethylene and 0.5 million tons of polypropylene. Upon the launch of ZapSibNefteсhim, the total polypropylene production capacity at the production sites of SIBUR located in Tobolsk will amount to 1 million tons per year. It is the largest production capacity in Russia and one of the largest worldwide. No other Russian production site can match ZapSibNefteсhim in polyethylene production volumes.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

Created: 03.10.2019
Updated: 06.11.2019