14 July 2020
Tyumen Students Among the Winners of the ISI Junior International School of Informatics Cup

From June 1 to June 11, the summer ISIJ 2020 session took place online. 180 juniors and coaches represented four continents: Australia (New Zealand), as well as Asia (China, Syria), Europe (London, Azerbaijan, Belgium), Africa (Tunisia).

Russia was represented by participants from schools in Mordovia, Chuvashia, Ulyanovsk Region, cities of Tyumen Region, Krasnodar Territory and Sochi.

Among the national teams that won ISIJ silver and bronze medals were students of the School of Physics and Mathematics of Tyumen Region — Valeriy Matskevich, Andrey Ivanov, Georgiy Nekhoroshkov, Timofey Kondrashov, Stepan Didurenko and Artur Frank.

One of the academic days was devoted to the Mathematics Tournament. There were two unmatched winners —Aleksey Chiriatev and Georgiy Nekhoroshkov from the School of Physics and Mathematics, the both of whom scored the highest number of points. Their surnames in the tournament bracket were marked with the word “Champion”. The titles of “Winner” and “Prizewinner” of the Mathematics Tournament were awarded to future tenth-graders from Tyumen — Vladimir Shestakov and Andrey Ivanov.

Summing up the final results will be the IATI International Informatics Tournament, which is planned to be held in Shumen, Bulgaria.

Source: Department of education and science of the Tyumen region