30 July 2020
A Turkey Breed Livestock Farm and a Sheep Breeding Farm will be Built in the Tyumen Region

Damate company is to build the largest turkey breed livestock farm in Russia as well as a sheep-breeding farm in the Tyumen Region. These projects will be implemented pursuant to the agreement of intent signed between Damate, the Tyumen Region Government and Rosselkhozbank (Russian Agricultural Bank).

Under the terms of this agreement, the company will build a turkey breed livestock farm for 12 million eggs a year and a sheep-breeding farm for four thousand breeding sheep within two years. The amount of investments into the projects will be about four billion rubles and one billion rubles respectively. Rosselkhozbank JSC will act as a financial partner thereby.

“The projects to be implemented in the Tyumen Region will contribute to strengthening the genetic safety of the agro-industrial complex and will enhance the transfer of the best livestock innovative technologies. Thus, state support measures are crucial for their successful implementation”, said Naum Babaev, Chairman of Damate Board of Directors. In fact, we are creating the first genetic selection center and the first reference genetic database of small cattle in Russia. Thanks to these projects, the Tyumen Region will become a leader in livestock breeding and genomic selection in the country.”

As part of the first project implementation, Damate is planning to build a turkey breed livestock farm in the Isetsky district meant for one-time placing of 137.5 thousand birds.

Moreover, the agreement involves the implementation of a unique genetic selection project on sheep breeding, which has no analogues in the world. The investments will be allocated for the construction of a sheep breeding farm for 4 thousand breeding sheep, which will include spaces for 10.8 thousand cattle stalls, a laboratory for the selection and storage of semen, an own summer pasture and a land bank for fodder production.

At present, works on allocation of land plots for the construction of facilities are in progress, the technological concept for site production biosafety has been developed, and utility networks to ensure power supply, gas supply and access roads are being prepared.

“Damate high-tech and science-driven projects in livestock genetics shall be supported. We will make every effort to ensure they are implemented within the established time limit. This will allow the Tyumen Region to become a leader in these new growth areas with respect to the agro-industrial complex of our country,” said Alexander Moor.

According to the region Governor, the West-Siberian Research and Educational Center established in the Tyumen Region by order of the Russian President Vladimir Putin can take an active part in the implementation of these projects.

“One of the main focus areas of the Research and Educational Center is related to biology issues. I suppose Damate projects will be subject to research for our scientists. The site for this large-scale project was purposely chosen in the Tyumen Region to create comfortable working environment for the scientists,” commented the Governor.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region