28 December 2020
Aleksandr Moor Held Extended Session of the Tyumen Region Government
The expiring year, 2020, was out of the ordinary for the region and the country, the Tyumen region Governor Aleksandr Moor said making speech at the extended online-session of the region government on December 25.

“No doubt, the main challenge was and still persists the COVID-19 pandemic. Ancillary powers granted by the State leader required making substandard and sometimes unique decisions,” the Governor noted.

The investment amount per head of population in the Tyumen region for the last nine months of 2020 has equaled more than 135 billion rubles. According to this index, the region takes 11th place in Russia. The processing production index in the Tyumen region has reached 145% for 11 months of 2020; this is the second place in the country. For new housing delivery for 11 months of 2020, the region has occupied 8th place in Russia.

These are preliminary results. Among the principle activity directions for 2021, Aleksandr Moor indicated the healthcare system development. “Regardless of the pandemic, the quality and availability of medical care shall not reduce. The primary objective is reduction of total population death rate”, the Governor emphasized.

Another overriding objective is further implementation of national projects. “Professional management of the available resources and wise setting of priorities is vital”, Aleksandr Moor pronounced.

The third main objective of the Tyumen region government in 2021 shall be economy advancement. Any entrepreneurial initiative, every investment project should be green-lit. “Without economy growth, development of the social sphere will become a real challenge”, the region head highlighted.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region