02 February 2021
Tyumen Region 2020 IPI up 121.5%

The statistics authorities reported the 2020 industrial production index in the Tyumen Region to grow by 121.5% compared to 2019. As of January-November 2020, the Tyumen Region ranked third in Russia in terms of this important indicator.

The industrial production there is increasing mainly due to the development of the manufacturing. This economy sector rose by 151.7%.

The highest growth rates in manufacturing were noted in the production of chemicals and chemical products (244.3%), rubber and plastic products (133.3%), coke and oil products (126.0%), furniture (114.9%), other vehicles and equipment (114.5%), computers, electronic and optical products (113.4%), machinery and equipment not included in other groups (108.6%), and other finished products (105.2%).

Timely and effective measures taken by the local government to support the regional economy made it possible to increase industrial production figures despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The so-called lockdown did not last long in Russia. Most of industrial enterprises were allowed to work, but only in compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological safety rules.

In addition, in 2020, the business in Tyumen affected by the consequences of the pandemic received financial aid from the regional budget and significant benefit on local taxes. In monetary terms, it is estimated to be about 3 billion rubles. At the same time, this allowed the business to keep money turnover and put these funds to work.

Commenting on the statistics, Alexander Moor, the Tyumen Region Governor, said, “To promote economic growth and further improve the investment climate have been and remain the most important tasks of regional and municipal authorities. We face these challenges together with our business community. We also have good reason to believe that the Tyumen industry will continue to develop throughout this year.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region