20 April 2021
Tyumen Oblast Government and Innopraktika Sign Cooperation Agreement

Government of Tyumen Oblast and the Foundation for Support of Scientific and Project Activities of Students, Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists National Intellectual Development (Innopraktika brand) signed a cooperation agreement for economic development of the region and growth of innovations in agricultural industry.

The parties will work together to enable development of the region’s innovative infrastructure and integration of Russian competitive technologies in the Tyumen Oblast agricultural industry.

“Tyumen Oblast agricultural industry is undergoing serious changes owing to the innovative scientific solutions. One of the priority areas is breeding: 13 new breeds have been developed in Tyumen, 6 of them already adopted in production. Digitization of fields is underway with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Genomic research helps in animal production development. The aforementioned facts are descriptive of the current state of the Tyumen agricultural industry. It is inspiring to see that our agricultural stakeholders are not stagnating. Both large agricultural manufacturers and small-to-medium business are pursuing innovation. Successful experience of Innopraktika in this area is invaluable for us. Tyumen Oblast is prepared to new large-scale projects that will unlock the impressive investment potential of the region. We remain true to our priorities: investment attraction, economy growth, infrastructure improvement. All this is done to improve welfare of Tyumen citizens. The agreement will help consolidate our efforts and improve effectiveness of this work,” says Aleksandr Moor, the Governor of Tyumen Oblast.

The expectation is that several projects will be implemented in Tyumen Oblast. One of them is Innagro initiated by Innopraktika. In scope of the project, large agribusiness and small-to-medium agricultural producers of the region will be able to field-test effectiveness of Russian bioproducts for animal and plant production and work out their application technology. All bioproducts used in Innagro are developed by leading Russian research centers.

The testing program will accelerate the process of biologization of Tyumen Oblast agriculture and support development of organic and advanced product segments.

Another aspect of the agreement will suggest implementation of a pilot program for genotyping of dairy breeds of cattle in Tyumen Oblast and creation of a reference base of animals with reliable phenotypic and genotypic data.

In 2020, more than 3,000 heads of cattle of dairy breeds have been genotyped in the region. In 2021 and 2022, the genotyping effort will be continued. Partners for the program implementation in the region will be Skoltech and Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University.  The program will help create a reference base of animals with reliable phenotypic and genotypic data and a single breeding value assessment system, and will further facilitate use of the genetic potential. Global experience shows that use of genetic technology and digitization promotes creation of a growing nucleus of regional animals with outstanding characteristics, growth of dairy productivity and milk quality improvement.

“In scope of operations of the West Siberian Interregional Scientific and Education Center, Tyumen Oblast specializes, inter alia, in development of agricultural biotechnology, including development of new bioproducts. The region provides substantial scientific and infrastructure capabilities for implementation of our joint projects. The agreement with Tyumen Oblast Government will help strengthen the innovational constituent of the agricultural industry and provide it with highly professional staff. We expect to involve research and education centers, first of all the Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University,” explained Vladimir Avdeenko, the Director of Administration for development of agricultural and biotechnology in Innopraktika.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region