09 July 2021
Industrial Production Growth in Tyumen Region Made up 9.5%

The industrial production index of Tyumen Region in January–May 2021 has grown by 9.5% in comparison with the same period in 2020. These are the preliminary reports of state statistics bodies.

Growth of the industrial production is mostly driven by the development of processing industry – 122.1%. With this indicator Tyumen Region ranks seventh among all constituent regions of Russia.

The highest growth rates in processing were recorded in production of chemicals and chemical products – 169.6%, other finished products – 223.2%, medicines and materials used for medical purposes – 171.4%, furniture – 153.2%, paper and paper products – 149.1%, electrical equipment – 137.9%, rubber and plastic products – 127.6 %, repair and installation of machinery and equipment – 123.5%, metallurgical production – 109.1%, and wood processing and making of wood products – 108.4%.

With the value of the summary index of industrial production level Tyumen Region ranks 29th among the regions of the Russian Federation.

It is the stable and dynamic growth of the industrial production that makes it possible for Tyumen Region to meet effectively the present-day challenges in economics and social sphere, noted Aleksandr Moor, the Head of the Region.

“We keep supporting multiple investment projects. The Tyumen Region Government, in concert with the large companies operating in the region’s territory and with the business community, is working at the development of the infrastructure, job creation, improving the quality of life of our countrymen. Systemic measures aimed at improving the investment climate in the region and facilitating conditions for business taken in the region produce positive results,” underlined the Governor.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region