20 August 2021
Successful Russian and Foreign Entrepreneurs Assemble in Tyumen

The 9th Forum of Successful Entrepreneurs (SUP) has started in Tyumen. This year, the Forum has become international for the first time: its participants include about fifty foreign businessmen from 12 countries. The total number of guests and experts taking part in SUP-2021 offline and online events has reached one thousand.

The Tyumen entrepreneurship forum has been visited by Tyumen Region Governor Alexander Moor. Another distinguished guest at SUP-2021 was one of the Forum’s founders, Tyumen Region ex-governor Vladimir Yakushev. He told about vast opportunities for investment available in the Ural Federal district.

In the first quarter 2021, the district’s share in all-Russian fixed capital investment amounted to 19%. This is 3.4% higher than the same figure for 2020. The Ural Federal district population is 8% of the Russian total; it accounts for 25% of tax contributions to the Federal budget.

“As of the end of 2020, three regions of the Ural Federal district have entered TOP 10 of the National investment attractiveness rating. The highest result was achieved by Tyumen Region which was ranked third in the overall rating. All best practices of Tyumen Region and its stable high level of mutual confidence between entrepreneurs and the public authorities need to be extended to the entire Ural Federal district,” said Vladimir Yakushev.

The growth of industrial production in Tyumen Region for 2020 had amounted to 121.5%, including 151.7% in the processing industries, Alexander Moor shared with the Forum participants.

The Tyumen Forum of Successful Entrepreneurs had become a veritable international platform for business networking, said the Region’s head. Tyumen is a truly important international economical center. The region exports its products to one hundred countries.

The Chinese Entrepreneur Association representative in Russia Wang Rusong mentioned that only the best Chinese businesses participate in the Forum. PRC entrepreneurs have serious intentions concerning Tyumen Region and aim at mutually beneficial cooperation.

The basic areas of concern for SUP-2021 are youth enterprises, digitization, international business, and creative industries.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region