25 September 2021
Tobolsk exhibits its tourism potential

September 24 witnessed an opening ceremony of the newly built Remezov airport in Tobolsk, which was an important event for the citizens as well as a good reason to promote tourism and investment potential of the city that used to be the ancient capital of Siberia.

The first passengers to fly from Moscow to Tobolsk were top managers of leading Russian travel companies, officials of the Moscow City Tourism Committee, Moscow and St. Petersburg cultural institutions, as well as numerous bloggers and journalists. Moreover, there were airline representatives interested in launching regular flights to Tobolsk.

All in all about a hundred passengers arrived to Remezov airport in Tobolsk and enjoyed various activities prepared for them.

The guests visited the Tobolsk Kremlin, Gostiny Dvor, the renovated Bazar Square, the museum of the family of Emperor Nicholas II, the park created after the Tobol film set, some facilities of SIBUR's industrial site in Tobolsk. Needless to say they were treated to Siberian cuisine.

According to Maya Lomidze, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the new airport provides more opportunities for creating and implementing interesting tourism projects and tours. Being a thought leader she predicts a significant increase of tourist flow. “The Tyumen region has made another giant step in consolidating its positions on the tourist map of Russia,” said Maya Lomidze.

In the nearest future the Remezov airport is offering flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. In the long run one expects air travelling in the south direction.

The new airport, continuing development of SIBUR industrial site and growing tourist flow – all of these will be key players for the 21st century Tobolsk and will drive its social and economic progress. Domestic tourism is one of the modern Russian economy trends. Maxim Afanasyev, Tobolsk mayor, believes their guests will see ancient Tobolsk in a new perspective.

Alexander Moor, Tyumen Region Governor, reckons that fascinating historical heritage, booming industrial development and magnificent Siberian nature encourage Russian citizens to visit Tobolsk for the first time and return here again.

“Many people probably don't remember that Tobolsk was once the third capital of Russia after St. Petersburg and Moscow. Speaking of industrial tourism, it is very interesting to visit the SIBUR sites located here. For sure, you will have a memorable experience. Let alone our Siberian nature! Once you find yourself on the banks of the Irtysh River and look into the vastness, you feel how great and powerful our Motherland is,” he said to the future guests of Tobolsk.

Source: Department of public relations, communications and youth policy of the Tyumen region