14 February 2022
The Tyumen Region Industrial Production Index in 2021 Has Increased by 4.2%

The industrial production index for 2021 in the Tyumen Region reached 104.2% if compared to that of 2020. These are the preliminary figures provided by the state statistics authorities.

In recent years, the industrial production growth is mainly driven by the development of manufacturing industries. According to the 2021 outcomes, this index amounted to 108.5%. The highest growth rates were recorded in the following manufacturing industries: production of chemicals and chemical products – 117.8% compared to 2020, medicines and materials used for medical purposes – 170.2%, other finished goods – 129.6%, repair and installation of machinery and equipment – 128.7%, production of electrical equipment – 123.7%, paper and paper products – 119.1%, rubber and plastic products – 117.3%, finished metal products excluding machinery and equipment – 111.2%, wood processing and wood product manufacturing – 108.6%, metallurgy – 106.8%, production of other non-metallic mineral products – 105.7%.

According to Aleksandr Moor, the Governor of the Tyumen Region, the major achievement of 2021 was the return of the regional economy back on the track of development after the significant global economic downturn brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region