Address: 625000, Tyumen city, 47, Khokhryakov str.

Tel. +7-3452-50-75-61, fax 50-78-74


Director of department: Cheymetov Vladimir Nikolayevich, deputy governor

Main activities of the agricultural department of the Tyumen region:

- pursuing of regional state policy in agricultural sector of the Tyumen region;

- state support of the agricultural sector according to the main lines of development of agricultural sector of the Tyumen region;

- arrangement of events contributing the development of agricultural sector technical system;

- assistance to growth of leasing activity in agricultural sector of the Tyumen region;

- development of livestock breeding;

- development of seed growing in the Tyumen region;

- assistance to creation and work of peasant farms, working out and taking of measures on personal subsidiary plots’ development;

- creation of regional food facility of the Tyumen region;

-arrangement of measures relating to melioration of agricultural lands and control of their implementation;

- organization and control of commercial fishery of the Tyumen region, delimitation of fish-breeding sites, distribution of fishing quotas.

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