Address: 61 Sovetskaya street, 625000, Tyumen

Telephone: (3452) 42-79-00, fax: (3452) 426-266


Department Director: Maria Vladimirovna Rudzevich

The main activities of the Informatization Department of the Tyumen region:

- implementation of information technologies into the activity of various levels authorities;

- coordination and implementation of national projects (programmes) for the development of the digital economy in the Tyumen region;

- use of electronic government infrastructure;

- implementation of information security events;

- arrangement of inter-departmental electronic cooperation while rendering state services;

- use of GLONASS technologies and other results of space activities;

- training of population on computer competence and popularization of electronic state services, increase of Internet availability to the population.

The priority projects in the framework of the department activity are the following ones:

- informatization of healthcare and education,

- national projects for the development of the digital economy,

- development of informational-analytical IT tools for authorities and citizens,

- development of human resources in information-communicational technologies in the region.

The department coordinates and controls activity of the state institutions: the Tyumen region Information Technologies Center and Informational-educational center.

References to the sections related to activity of the department:

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