Address: 625000, Tyumen, 61 Sovietskaya Str.

Phone: 8 (3452) 426-011, Fax 8 (3452) 426-175

Email address:

Director of the Department: Alexander Sidorov

The main activities of consumer market and tourism department of the Tyumen region are:

- Licensing of retail sale of alcoholic beverages;

- Acceptance of the declarations about the volume of retail sales of alcohol and alcohol-containing products, as well as state control over their performance;

- Licensing of the procurement, storage, processing and sale of scrap ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals;

- Powers in the field of regulation of the consumer market: creation and maintenance of a registry of markets in the Tyumen region; formation and maintenance of the trade registry of the Tyumen region in accordance with the federal legislation;

-development of standards for the minimum security population area retail properties for the Tyumen Region; conduct monitoring of the state of the consumer market, analysis and forecasting of market conditions, the development of forecasts of socio-economic development of the sector; promotion of the market infrastructure development, participation in the implementation of state support aimed at developing a system providing rural population with goods and services at a level that was formed for the urban population in the part of the population of inaccessible settlements with essential goods and consumer services;

– authority in the field of postal communication;

– organization of domestic and inbound tourism in the Tyumen region carried out in therapeutic purposes, cultural purposes, hunting and fishing purposes, business purposes;

– services for the accreditation of organizations engaged in the classification of tourist industry, including hotels and other accommodation facilities, ski slopes, beaches;

– providing subsidies to state support subjects, reimbursement of costs associated with the organization of excursions for pupils of the Tyumen region;

– organization and holding of events.

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