Address: 11 Nekrasova Str., 625000, Tyumen

Phone: (3452) 49-02-00


Head of General Administration of Construction: Sergey Shustov

The main activities:

- development of drafts of regulatory and non-regulatory acts concerning implementation of the housing policy in the Tyumen region, by the Governor and the Government of the Tyumen region;

- inclusion of premises of housing fund of the Tyumen region into a special housing fund;

- deciding on the relocation of citizens and further use of the premises housing in the Tyumen region;

- providing conditions for realization of citizens ' right for housing;

- implementation of road activity concerning highways of federal importance located in the Tyumen region, within its competence in the framework of the concluded agreements;

- approval of the procedure of maintenance and repair of roads of regional or inter-municipal importance;

- issuance of permits for the construction and commissioning of the objects of capital construction;

- issuance of permits to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to operate passenger and baggage by passenger taxi in the Tyumen region;

- control over observance of urban development legislation by local governments.

Links to topics relating to the activities of the administration:

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