Address: 52 Respubliki str., 625018, Tyumen

Phone: 8 (3452) 42-64-42

Email address:

Chief of Directorate for Special Arrangements: Igor Gorshkov

Deputy Chief of Directorate for Special Arrangements: Alexander Lesovoy

The main activities:

- organization and participation in holding the activities of advance preparation in peacetime of the Tyumen region economy to transfer to work in wartime conditions ;

- organization and control of the reservation for the period of mobilization and in wartime of the citizens in the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, federal executive authorities working in the executive bodies of the government, the administration of city districts and municipal areas of the Tyumen region organizations;

- implementation of a unified technical policy, organization, coordination of work in the field of technical protection of information constituting a state secret in the interest of the Government of the region, the executive authorities of the Tyumen region;

- organizational support of the antiterrorist commission of the Tyumen region;

- organization and management of special administration of the Government of the Tyumen region and Chief Directorate for Special Events of the Tyumen region;

- coordination, methodological support and control of activities of executive bodies of state power of the Tyumen region on the protection issue of state secrets.

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