Address: 45, Volodarskiy st., 625004, Tyumen city.

Telephone: (3452) 42–71–46, (3452) 42–71–45 (fax)

E-mail address:

Head of Tyumen region Governor’s Administration: Olga Mamontova

Main activities of Tyumen Region Governor’s Administration:

- organizational and documentation support and maintenance of the events in the established order, held with the participation of the Governor of Tyumen region, or on behalf of the Governor of Tyumen region — other activities, including organizational support of the Council of Governors of the Tyumen Oblast, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — Yugra, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.

- preparation of the Action Plan in the established order of the Governor of Tyumen region.

- organizational and documentary support of the government meetings of Tyumen region and the Presidium of Tyumen Region Government.

- monitoring implementation by the executive authorities of Tyumen region and officials in the manner prescribed by the Governor of Tyumen region, orders and instructions of the Russian Federation President’s instructions, regulations and orders of the Russian Government, the Russian Federation Government Chairman’s orders, Tyumen Region Governor’s regulations and orders, Tyumen Region Governor’s orders and other documents delivered to the control by the Governor of Tyumen region.

- coordination of the activities of the executive authorities of Tyumen region on the implementation of administrative reform, combating corruption, including the preparation of regional programs (plans) in these areas in Tyumen region.

- maintaining a register of municipal normative legal acts of Tyumen region.

- organization of drawing up general and reserve lists of juror candidates, their annual inspection and modification, transferring subsidies for financial support of these powers to local government.

- ensuring the implementation of the federal law on free legal aid.

- admission, registration of documents addressed to the Governor of Tyumen region (the Vice-Governor of Tyumen region, the Deputy Governor of Tyumen region), the government of Tyumen region; transmitting these documents for execution by jurisdiction.

- implementation of the functions of the body for the management of the state civil service of Tyumen region, within the powers defined by the Governor of Tyumen region; implementation of functions of the body for the prevention of corruption and other offenses in Tyumen region.

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