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Archives Administration, the Tyumen region


Address: 61, ul.Sovetskaya, Tyumen, 625004

Phone 8 (3452) 42-62-76

E-mail address:

Head of Department: Aleksey Nesterov, phone: 8 (3452) 42-62-76, e-mail:

Basic trends in activities of the Tyumen region Archives Administration:

– implementing the state policy in archives sphere;

– ensuring storage, acquisition, record and usage of archive documents and archival funds of the Tyumen region;

– solving issues of transferring archive documents belonging to the Tyumen region to the Russian Federation;

– controlling the compliance of archives affairs with legislation;

– implementing rules on archive documents storage, acquisition, record and usage of archive documents and archival fund of the Tyumen region;

– state record keeping of Russian Federation archival;

– administrating register of the Tyumen region unique archival documents;

– managing the Tyumen region archival formation;

– organizing:

  • citizen, institutions and public associations information support on the basis of the Tyumen region archival documents,
  • execution of queries of Russian and foreign citizens and stateless persons as well,
  • registration of archive certificates forwarded to foreign states;

– organizing and coordinating the Tyumen region archives on implementation of archival computer technologies.

References to sections referred to the activity of the Administration:

  1. Webpage of the Administration in Russian

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