Address: 2, ul. Institutskaya, building 1, Tyumen, 625041

Phone: 8 (3452) 25-85-24

E-mail address:

Head of Directorate: Vadim Nikolaevich Shultz

Basic activities of the Tyumen region Veterinary Administration:

– performance of regional state veterinary inspection;

– performance of state inspection in area of provision quality and safety during regional state veterinary inspection;

– implementation of notification acceptance and registration about starting the manufacturing of prepared feeds for animals by legal bodies and individual entrepreneurs;

– organization of disease hotbed elimination in the Tyumen region by preparation and the Tyumen region Governor approval submission for approval of draft resolution (elimination) of the restrictive measures (quarantine) on the especially dangerous animal diseases;

– organization of disease hotbed elimination in the Tyumen region establishing (eliminating) the restrictive measures (quarantine) on contagious diseases except for specially dangerous ones;

– organization of regional emergency anti-epidemic activity commission;

– organization of diagnostic measures, animal vaccination, treatment and their movement control in the quarantine zone;

– organization of veterinary and sanitary expertise of animal origin products, fodders and feed additives of plant origin and products of non-industrial plant origin and other special arrangements as well, aimed at population protection from diseases common to humans and animals and from food poisoning arising from use of dangerous veterinary and requirements for products of animal origin within its competence;

– veterinary monitoring of animal health and veterinary-sanitary safety of products controlled by regional state veterinary supervision;

– consideration of feasibility studies on the design documentation during planning and construction of livestock complexes, poultry farms, slaughterhouses and other enterprises for production, processing and storage of livestock products and raw materials of animal origin, the peasant (farmer) farms and personal subsidiary farms of citizens, except for objects of Federal significance;

– preparation of reports on documentation for land lot granting under enterprises for production and storage of livestock products about compliance of those enterprises to the effective veterinary norms and regulations, except for objects of Federal significance;

– development and submission of major anti-epizootic measures plans for approval by Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;

– recording of contagious and other diseases current, animal deaths in the Tyumen region in the form of veterinary accounting and reporting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

– development in cooperation with the office of the Federal service on supervision in consumer rights protection and human welfare in the Tyumen region (Rospotrebnadzor administration of the Tyumen region) measures for the prevention of diseases common to humans and animals;

– implementation, on behalf of the Tyumen region, of functions and powers of the founder of state institutions jurisdictional to the Department of veterinary medicine within the Tyumen region veterinary service system;

– formation and approval by state institutions jurisdictional to the Department of veterinary medicine of public tasks for rendering of state services (works) subject to the financial expenses regulations and control for their execution;

– distribution of subsidies to the state institutions jurisdictional to the Department of veterinary medicine for the purposes not connected with them in compliance with the public task of providing state services (performance of work);

– control the activity of specialists in veterinary medicine;

– registration of veterinary medicine specialists engaged in business;

– implementation of state Customer functions when placing orders for goods supply, works completion and service rendering for state needs of the Tyumen region on the Department of veterinary medicine activity in compliance with the effective legislation by interaction of the authorized body and state Customers of the Tyumen region;

– study of veterinary-sanitary and epizootic condition of the jurisdictional objects and development of the appropriate measures on prevention and eradication of animal diseases, if available, on the basis of the analysis;

– development of measures on science achievements and advanced experience introduction aimed at provision of livestock veterinary-sanitary status well-being and animal productivity improvement;

– controlling state institutions' activity jurisdictional to the veterinary medicine administration;

– implementation of internal financial control and audit;

– development and implementation of measures on efficient use of budgetary funds and rational use of state property in business including budget funds monitoring and rational use within the authority of the veterinary medicine administration;

– implementation of accrual, collection and decision making about repayment (deduction) of the excessively paid (collected) payments into the budget by administrator the credit of which is the fine and penalty charges on them, as well as the control on calculation, completeness and payment timeliness;

– operational accounting on the results of the Department of veterinary medicine activity and submission of the statistical, accounting and tax accounts; formation and submission of the consolidated accounting statements of the state institutions jurisdictional to the veterinary medicine administration;

– implementation of the property accounting budget constituting the Tyumen region treasury in accordance with the effective legislation in the regard of property purchased to the Tyumen region treasury (since the date of its transfer to another person in the manner established by the Tyumen region normative legal acts);

– organization of citizen reception, ensuring of timely and full citizen and organization consideration, making decisions on them and answer direction at due time, analysis of the appeals content, taking measures on timely rights violation, freedoms and legal interests of citizens, organizations reveal and elimination;

– formation of information interoperability system with the public on the official Tyumen region authorities portal within its competence, creation in it the information sections about the Department of veterinary medicine activity and ensuring access to the information contained in it;

– archival documents selection, storage, registration and use that have been made during veterinary medicine activity in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation;

– granting information to the Tyumen region administration Commissioner required for register maintaining of state ownership and control over the veterinary medicine administration’s property effective use and safety;

– implementation of measures on civil defense realization and emergency prevention, organization and provision of preparedness activity and mobilization within the limits performed by the Department of veterinary medicine authority;

– implementation of anti-corruption within its powers;

– taking measures to ensure the information protection constituting a state secret;

– quarterly review of the law enforcement issues, including the subordinated institutions, the results of which entered into legal force of court and arbitration court decisions on invalidation the non-normative legal acts, illegal decisions and activity (inactivity) of the veterinary medicine administration, subordinate institutions and their officials in developing and taking measures on violation causes prevention and elimination;

– certification of experts engaged by the Department of veterinary medicine in the implementation of arrangements on regional state veterinary supervision according to the Federal law dated 26.12.2008 No. 294-ФЗ «On protection of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs’ rights when exercising the state (supervision) and municipal control»;

– participation in the implementation of the Tyumen region Federal activity in the veterinary field.

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