29 October 2020

Address: 35, ul.Vodoprovodnaya, Tyumen, 625000

Phones: (3452) 427-427

E-mail address: dkto@72to.ru

Head of Department: Elena Mayer

Basic activities of the Tyumen region Department of Culture:

– organization of public library services in the Tyumen region, acquisition and preservation of library funds;

– support of the Tyumen region state museums;

– support of creative teams’ and performers’ activity, cultural and art institutions in the Tyumen region;

– organization of additional children education, secondary vocational education in the field of culture and art;

– development and implementation of measures aimed at preservation, revival and development of folk arts and crafts, including the promotion of activities for their products demonstration and promotion, sales of souvenirs, education and training for workers of folk arts and crafts;

– development and ensuring the implementation within its competence of measures for support of regional and local national-cultural autonomies in preservation of original culture, customs, beliefs, etc.;

– implementation and monitoring of rights provided by legislation for free admission of certain categories of citizens to state museums;

– implementation of state control in regard to museum items and collections included in Museum Fund of the Russian Federation.

References to sections referred to management activity:

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