Address: 11, ul.Nekrasova, Tyumen, 625000

Phone: 8 (3452) 69-02-31

E-mail address:

Chairperson of Committee: Bazileva Anna Konstantinovna

Basic activities of the Committee on the Protection and Application of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Tyumen region:

– protection and retaining of cultural heritage objects;

– formation of a united public register of cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of Russian Federation nations in the Tyumen region;

– development and ensuring of regional program realization on retaining, application, popularization and public protection of cultural heritage objects ;

– preservation, use, popularization and public protection of cultural heritage objects given to the Tyumen region authorities, including implementation of state protection of cultural heritage objects of federal importance;

– ban or limit the proliferation of outdoor advertising in objects of cultural heritage located in the territory of the places of interest;

– approval of general plan drafts, draft rules on land use and development prepared with regard to the historical settlements of regional importance;

– granting permission for conducting of works on preservation of federal and regional significance cultural heritage objects, identified objects of cultural heritage, including the building license issuance, if the work on cultural heritage objects preservation affects the structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such a facility;

– preparation of conclusions on claims for compensation on damage caused to the objects of cultural heritage;

– initiation and consideration of cases on administrative offences in cultural heritage objects preservation, use and public protection according to the legislation;

– popularization of cultural heritage objects.

References to sections referred to management activity:

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