22 December 2016

Address: res. 317, 34/1, Pervomayskaya st., Tyumen

Phone: 8 (3452) 42-74-55

E-mail address: DLK_TO@72to.ru

Director of department: Ostroumov Leonid Sergeyevich

Basic activities of Forestry Department of the Tyumen region:

– federal state forest supervision (forest protection);

– development of Tyumen region forest plan, forestry-based regulations, conductance of state expertise in forest development ;

– assignation of wood lots to citizens, individual entrepreneurs, legal bodies within the lands of forest funds owned by the Russian Federation, Tyumen region, for permanent (termless) use, lease, free use and also concluding contracts of sales of forest plantations in accordance with Forest laws of the Russian Federation;

– organization of forest use, its protection (including fighting forest fires), protection, and reproduction on lands of forest Fund;

– authorization to perform works on the geological study of subsoil on forest lands without provision of forest lot if the completion of such work does not entail the felling forest plantations;

– organization and control on implementation of fire safety measures in the Tyumen region forests;

– keeping the state forest register in respect of forests located within the boundaries of the Tyumen region;

– organization of forest management on the lands of the forest fund;

– organization and conducting of wood accounting harvested by citizens for their own needs in the woods;

– constraining duly the citizens stay in woods, vehicle entrance there and carrying out works of certain kinds in woods;

– acceptance and analysis of forest declarations, reports on forest use, safeguard and protection, forest reproduction and breeding;

– analysis, evaluation and selection of projects, as well as other programs for provision of state support to enterprises of timber industry, control of their execution;

– selection of commercial organizations’ applications on the implementation of investment projects in forest development.

References to sections referred to management activity:

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