Address: 61, ul.Sovetskaya, Tyumen, 625000

Phone: (3452) 42-60-29, Fax (3452) 42-62-49

E-mail address:

Director of department

Basic activities of the Department of Subsoil Management and Ecology of the Tyumen region:

– implementation of state programs of the Tyumen region on the environment protection and the development of mineral, natural resources and fuel and energy complexes;

– monitoring of the environment conditions;

– environmental pollution: discharge of contaminants in waste water, emissions of harmful substances;

– waste management;

– ensuring functioning of specially protected natural territories of regional significance;

– authorization for use of water objects;

– ensuring of hydraulic engineering structures’ safety;

– implementation of the regional state ecological control on objects of different activities irrespective to the ownership forms;

– subsoil using.

References to sections referred to the department activity:

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