02 December 2016

Address: 17, ul.Sakko, Tyumen, 625002

Phone: (3452) 42-79-37

E-mail address: deto@72to.ru

Department Director: Maksim Mikhailovich Skvortsov

Basic activities of the Department of Economics of the Tyumen region:

– realization of the methodical management and activity coordination of the executive authorities of the Tyumen region, territorial bodies of federal authorities of the Executive power and bodies of local self-government on the development of short, medium and long-term forecasts of the socio-economic development of the Tyumen region;

– preparation of the socio-economic development forecast of the Tyumen region for the next year and long-term outlooks;

– monitoring and analysis of the socio-economic situation of the Tyumen region, municipalities, industries and sectors of economy;

– strategy generation of the social-economic development of the region for the long-term outlooks;

– development of annual, quarterly and monthly reports and materials on the state of the economy;

– assessment of the efficiency of state programs implementation of the Tyumen region;

– assessment of the efficiency of local governments activity of the city districts and municipal areas of the Tyumen region;

– exercise of the authorized body functions of the Executive authorities in the Tyumen region on the assistance to the development of competition in the Tyumen region;

– assessment of projects efficiency for public-private partnership.

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