02 December 2016

Address: 61 Sovietskaya str., 625000, Tyumen

Phone: (3452) 42-60-39, Fax (3452) 42-63-37

Email address: dep_zan@72to.ru

Department Director: Alexander Anatolyevich Sidorov

The main activities of the Department of labor and employment of the Tyumen region:

– organization of social payments to citizens recognized as unemployed in conformity with applicable rules;

- maintenance of the regional state control (supervision) over the employment of disabled persons within the established quota;

– organization of citizens registration in order to facilitate the search of suitable work, registration of unemployed citizens;

– management of public services in accordance with the law on employment;

– organization and coordination of the work on defining the necessity to attract foreign employees in the Tyumen region and on preparation of offers on forming of quotas for the foreign citizens arriving on the visa basis for employment in the Russian Federation, participation in preparation of proposals on determination of quotas for issue to foreign citizens of permissions to temporary residence in the Russian Federation on the territory of Tyumen region;

– state administration of occupational and health and safety activities in Tyumen Region, arrangement of events on promotion of the main principles of zero traumatism concept (Vision Zero) in Tyumen Region;

– notifying registration of collective agreements and monitoring of their implementation;

– participation in settlement of collective labour disputes in the Tyumen region;

– coordination of activities on organizing and holding professional competency competitions (“Glory to Working People!” “Best in Profession,” “WorldSkills Russia,” “Abilympics”);

– organization and coordination of activities to facilitate the voluntary resettlement in the Tyumen region of compatriots living abroad;

– generation of information about the current status of the labor market in the Tyumen region and the development of the forecast balance of labor resources in the Tyumen region;

- exercising powers and authority of the founder of the Tyumen Region Employment Center, a state autonomous institution within the jurisdiction of the Department.

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